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Aug 19, 2012 12:04 PM

Dinner before Annie...

Looking for a dinner before Annie in October. It will be for myself, my daughter {8}, my aunt and my mother. In the past, our pre-theatre meals have been Keens and Marea, with Marea being my daughter's favorite place in the city. This time we're staying in Times Square though, so I was wondering if there is anything good we could walk to? Not a super long walk, as my mother has MS, but she can handle a short one. If there isn't anything worth doing in the TS area {which I'm assuming is going to be the answer}, that's fine but I thought I would try. We're looking for good food, good service, no Asian, no budget, but it's not a Per Se trip either.


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  1. The Palace is on 47th and 7th Ave. You could easily go somewhere in Rockefeller Center if your mother is up for a walk of a few blocks.

    It seems like your daughter is on the mature side, so maybe somewhere like Bar Room at the Modern (53rd between 5th and 6th Ave) or Toloache (8th Ave and 50th) would work?

    Cheeryvisage's Times Square list here is a good place to start:

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      Thanks Kathryn...I'll look into the list. I think my mom could do the walk. She can do a lot more than she thinks she can when she actually tries. :) We're staying at the Renaissance in TS, about to Google Map it to see how far apart everything is. I know it's close to all the shows, which is why I picked it.

    2. A little north of Times square I have two places I'd always recommend:
      Maze by Gordon Ramsay and DB Bistro Moderne

      1. You could try Esca for a more rustic version Marea. I prefer the crudo and secondi at Esca though Marea is better for pasta.

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          I'm worried about my aunt at Esca...she's not a huge seafood person. My husband prefers their crudo as well, so hopefully I'll get to try it soon.

        2. Marea is your 8 year olds favorite restaurant?! Trouble! HAHAHA

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          1. re: RebelWithaCause

            In the home, it's a place similar to Balthazar. :) I was a chef before I had her, so she likes food.