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Aug 19, 2012 11:27 AM

Best places to buy maple syrup

What are the best places to buy maple syrup in Manhattan, East Queens or Brooklyn? I mean the Grade B, Vermont or Canada 100% maple syrup, not Aunt Jemima.

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  1. The maple sugar/syrup place at the Union Square Greenmarket has excellent Grade B syrup. It might be from upstate NYState, though; not sure. Maple sugar candy is pretty good, too.

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      The vendor I know there is from Vermont. Last time I checked was a few months ago, though. On the 17th St. side of the market, closer to Union Square West.

    2. I prefer the Grade A amber myself, but I've seen grade B as well at Whole Foods, for about $20 / qt.

      ETA: It's kinda generic - "Product of USA and Canada", but from your request, I take it you'll be happy with any "real" maple syrup as opposed to one of those maple-flavored monstrosities.

      1. If you're on a budget, Costco and Trader Joe's will have jars under 13.00