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Aug 19, 2012 11:13 AM

Johns Island, South Carolina restaurants for a September trip

Four ladies in our sixties going to stay on Johns Island in September. Very fussy about our restaurants. We all eat out in New Jersey/ NewYork about 4-7 x a week. Looking for recommendations that serve quality food. Atmosphere would be another important ingredient. Please include dinner and lunch choices, and specify. Thanks BG

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  1. There are tons of restaurants in the Charleston area that serve quality food. Are you coming into town or do you want to stay on John's Island? Will you be at Kiawah? The restaurants in the resort are not bad, but if you're picky you won't like them.

    What kind of atmosphere do you want? What kind of food do you like?

    1. Sue is correct. Just look at all the Charleston threads. There will not be anything to walk to on James Island, so since you're in the car anyway, eat the best stuff in the area. Charleston is not far.

      since you mention NY, check this although 2 years old, i think all the recs are still good.

      1. All of us love this place - a lot:

        Delicious, French-inspired southern fare served by kind people in a great, lively atmosphere. Just don't be "fussy" with them and they will treat you well.

        1. Okay, so I guess our poster just wants restaurant names. We can do that.

          On John's Island, Fat Hen and Wild Olive.

          In Charleston, FIG, SNOB, High Cotton, Magnolia's, Cypress, Tristan, Anson, Oak, Hall's, Hank's, Jestine's, Fish, Coast, McCrady's, MacIntosh, Grocery, Carolina's, La Fourchette, Fulton Five, Il Cortile del Re, and maybe others can add.

          Be aware. Manners are key in Charleston.

          1. Strongly recommend Fat Hen!