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Aug 19, 2012 11:05 AM

Good Chinese take-out in Fresno

I have family in Fresno & will be visiting soon..... things have changed so much, not sure where the best Chinese take-out is anymore. Anyone have a few suggestions?

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  1. Hands down - Hunan. Two locations now - SE corner of Herndon and Cedar (original) and SE corner of Herndon and Cedar (last I heard chef was cooking at this one).

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      The new one is the SE corner of Herndon and Clovis Ave. Chef Liu actually cooks at both.

    2. ... and the old reliable, Imperial Garden - Blackstone just south of Herndon. Good value, fresh ingredients. They do a lot of takeout but can get your order ready usually within 25 minutes. I almost always call it in, 559-435-4406.