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Aug 19, 2012 08:56 AM

china: a culinary adventure

its on the bbc! don't miss it.

here's the sichuan episode

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  1. It's been fascinating. I think they've produced it really well mixing the food side in with Chinese culture. Tonight's episode is about the food of the country's small ethnic minorities.

    As for the food, Ken Hom has been a rock god for the home cook for donkey's years. And I liked Ching's "easy" food programme a couple of years ago.

    1. We've really enjoyed this series. Besides the interesting food shown, I've liked hearing about Hom's experiences as a Chinese person growing up in the States. Off to watch tonight's episode...

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        I reckon his impact on British home cooking of Chinese food was well recognised by his award of an honorary OBE a couple of years ago.

      2. i've seen the Peking and Sichuan episodes. are they the first 2? like miss Ching-He Huang, too.

        i particularly enjoy the part where they go to a village/somewhere else, without the other. the simple life, the cooking, the old ways etc it's like going back in time. this was the best part of my trips to China, all those harrowing death trap bus rides in mountainous rural China!

        i hope they're going to Yunnan next.

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          Martin Yan's Hidden China
          has a lot of village visits, particularly among minority communities in the SW (is that Yunnan?)

        2. though that link is only for UK audiences.