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Aug 19, 2012 08:42 AM

EMP's Vegan Tasting Menu

I was in town with two friends, one of whom is a vegan, and despite my best efforts, I was unable to locate any photos of what a vegan meal at EMP would include. Attached are a sample of some of the dishes she was presented with the full set here:

Hope this helps the vegans out there looking to splurge!

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  1. thanks for the pics! nice to know there's a place i can go with my vegan friends when i actually want to go nuts on meat and dairy :)

    1. Amazing! I was there in May and I'm gluten free. Been to a lot of the esteemed restaurants in Manhattan and none of them have accommodated me the way EMP did. I usually give waiters a speech about cross contamination in the kitchen, no matter what restaurant I visit. As I began my usual speech at EMP, the waiter stopped me in my tracks and said "we'll talk about that later" and walked away. Then, someone else came back with two identical savory black and white cookies. Of course, I couldn't eat mine. My husband called the waiter over and asked about my cookie. I was shocked to find out that mine was "free of gluten" as the waiter put it. I never had to give my speech that night and ate just like a normal person. Who am I kidding? I ate WAY better than a normal person! He later went on to explain that they can accommodate ANY dietary restriction. And, boy, do they ever!

      1. $195 for veggies. sorry no thanks