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Aug 19, 2012 08:37 AM

Jo Mamma's Bagel Mystery- Cape Cod

To settle the questions, I called the Orleans Branch and was told they get their bagels from A&F on Long Island. I am off Cape but was at the Brewster branch quite a bit in wasn't so amazing in fact the first time was so bad I called the Orleans manager to share my experience. The bagel was soft and white and doughy...not good. service was so so but they were a new location so that's to be expected.. I prefer the Orleans location. It's chill and cozy and hip. The new location is rather odd...a combined high end sort of beach boutique on one side and stark open bagel place on the other. The Placement of oddly selected leather furniture in the middle is strange...a few nice Adirondeck chairs on the lovely spacious entry way...time will tell what transpires here after the tourists leave...I guess I really don't get why they'd put another location 3+ miles from their main location? Why not have one in Dennis, where we need a bagel place. Perhaps the Brewster location is seasonal? I have been a HUGE JM Orleans fan for years and will continue to be..

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  1. Ocean Edge Resort brought Jomamma's in to run the place, hence the odd combo of beach boutique (basically an Ocean Edge souvenier shop) and seating arrangements - nothing like the funkiness of JM in Orleans. I haven't ventured into the JM in town but have been to the Orleans location several times this summer! I'll wait to try it after the tourists leave :)

    1. Can't find any info on "A&F on Long Island". Anyone know if they are any good?

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        I think Phelana either misheard or the person who told her misheard and switched the 'S' in "A&S" Bagels to an 'F'
        Here's the link:

        Bagelman rates A&S about an 85.....................

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          Awesome! Thanks. They look yummy,. I see a road trip tomorrow......

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            I'm jealous. Ever since we sold our homne on the Cape, I have to live vicariously through these threads. Actually got to the beach in P-Town a few weeks ago, but it was on a boat during a race from Marblehead and there were hospitality tents set up, never got to eat at any of my old haunts.
            Hope to spend Thanksgiving week on the Cape and catch up on some fairly priced off seaqson eating.

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              please post when you go.although i like most of your recommendations your previous bagel recommendation of Panera bread not so much :-)
              have been hearing such great things about JoMama am very curious about these new bagels.

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                lol on Panera.....chalk it up to "any port in a storm", or ANYWHERE but Dunkins. :-(

        2. Had breakfast there on Monday. I'm sad to say that the bagels are still soft, white and doughy. They were actually kind of dry too. The plain cream cheese was tasteless (per my kids) and the veggie cream cheese was bland (my opinion). The servers were pleasant and quick. The line to order was a little chaotic because of the giant couch plopped in the middle of the room. People seemed unsure of where to stand. I can't imagine why you would want to sit there with all the commotion around you. Oh, and the coffee was not great. I like the location. I think there is potential if they change a few things....