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Aug 19, 2012 08:33 AM

Charlie Browns Lakewood remodeled ,improved ??

The charlie Browns has been remodeled ,But the same old NY people are stealing the bread ect from the salad bar ..The manager is somewhat of a clown and not a people person ,he should address this issue ,because the $ is passed on to those that don't
.The menue has changed slightly and the chips @ the bar are a good addition ,the food is just ok ,but ..It amazes me how they stay afloat ,but they sure do !

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  1. Went there once for dinner and once was enough. Never again.

    1. "But the same old NY people are stealing the bread ect from the salad bar "

      What does this mean? NY people as in people who live in New York? City? State? Why are they in Lakewood?

      1. The company that bought the Charlie Brown's out of bankruptcy just about a year ago has started to update the entire chain of stores. Lakewood was just completed......but most of the remaining locations will be getting a face lift as well.

        With the new ownership came a new menu and some ways to freshen up the brand a little bit. They seem determined to stay with the company and not try to flip them as many VC companies due when the rescue failing chains.

        Charlie Browns has always been known for it's prime rib which is still pretty good...although the prices have increased. I'm not sure why people would go there and not stick to either the prime rib or their other beef related choices since that is the general theme of the chain. They have increased their seafood offerings.....but I would never order them for the same reason I would never go to Red Lobster for a steak.

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          I went there a couple weeks ago for lunch while working in the area. I was never a fan of the older Charlie Brown's (too much blue hair clientele with frequent diner cards), but for lunch it was a pleasant surprise. The salad bar is much improved (better than Ruby Tuesdays'), and I like the combos that allow you to have salad bar plus soup, chili, a sandwich, or sliders for a few dollars more.

        2. Recently went to the one in Hamilton with Grandma (her kind of place). It seemed exactly the same as the last time I set foot in one, probably 10+ years ago. Salad bar the same including the gloppy neon-orange "Frech" dressing (although missing the black bread), Grandma had an onion soup (came out cold) and I ordered a strip steak and fried shrimp. The steak must have been over-marinated in some sort of herb and flavor mix and was mushy. The fried shrimp were the standard frozen ones. She was satisfied with her bloody nearly-raw prime rib after she sent the first slice back because it was about 70 percent fat and no meat.

          Short order: nothing new, poor quality meats, skip it.