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Aug 19, 2012 06:53 AM

NW Tucson Breakfast?

I usually meet friends for breakfast at Blue Willow, B-Line, and Cup Cafe, but with the construction and students back in town, we'd like to meet somewhere on the Northwest side instead - any suggestions? TIA!

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  1. Beyond Bread is always good for breakfast. Bisbee breakfast club also comes to mind.

    1. On Ina near Thornydale is the Bisbee Breakfast Club
      in an old Pizza Hut. Let me know how it is, because it's gotten some press. South side of the road near Oldfather.

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      1. re: IowaBoy

        "Press" is to put it mildly. BBC has gotten some deservedly bad press. The placed is as loud as the proverbial boiler factory when busy, they ask for picture ID in the new Arizona tradition when you use a credit card, and the last time I was there they left the ham out of a ham omelette. Go to the Good Egg instead.

      2. A lot of people like The Good Egg (River & Oracle) or the Tohono Chul diningroom (Ina & Oracle).

        1. Bisbee Breakfast Club was okay: dining companion liked the chicken-fried steak with gravy (which I found ghastly) and my corned beef hash w/ over-easy eggs were okay but not great, not bad. Coffee was strong but not very flavorful - Blue Willow still has the best. I think most breakfasts are just okay, except for the B-Line's weekend biscuits.

          My favorite new cafe is Frog's Organic - the excellent quality is well worth the slightly high prices and slightly smaller portions. I can't take friends and family there because they don't serve big, mediocre American-style breakfasts, but it certainly is the way I prefer to eat.

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          1. re: Claudette

            The croissants at Frogs have got to be the best in town.

            1. re: DriverPhil

              I agree, and so are the sticky buns!

            2. re: Claudette

              So where is Frog's? I live in the near east side but with LeeLee and Bach's nursery on the NW side I'm always looking for a reason to go on a day trip

              1. re: EWSflash

                Oracle and Ina, near Whole Foods. It's well worth the drive but it's closed on Sundays.

                1. re: EWSflash

                  Frogs is also at the st. philip's farmers market. I really want to try Mother Hubbards on Grant. They make their own sausage!