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Aug 19, 2012 06:30 AM

Help complete the eats for our Nashville trip

Will be staying two nights in Nashville in September. First night's dinner will be at The Capitol Grill at The Hermitage and second night will be at The Catbird Seat (I am sooooo excited about this).

Now we need some good breakfast/lunch ideas. We will be staying at The Hermitage and will have a car but like to walk when possible.

Price isn't a significant issue...we like traditional breakfasts and lunch can be a number of things other than Indian, Thai, Vietnamese or Sushi (which wouldn't seem very Nashville

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  1. Nashville actually has some excellent Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, & Japanese. But assuming you do want to avoid those ...

    Capitol Grille serves 3 meals per day, so you can certainly breakfast/lunch there. The food options in the core downtown area are full of tourist-centric places, often chains and/or the quick-sandwich-for-the-office-worker variety. If you are willing to take a quick cab ride the options open up greatly. Near your hotel I'd recommend Provence Breads & Bakery in the library building -- great breakfast but also lunch. Past Perfect, Puckett's, and Jack's all fit into the "ok, perfectly fine, not gonna be the best meal you ever ate" category. You might also stroll through the Arcade and see if any of those spots hit your fancy. I hear House of Pizza is very good although I haven't had it myself.

    The free Music City Circuit bus ( will take you to:

    The Farmer's Market for lunch - especially recommended are Bella Nashville, AM FM, B&C (Bacon & Caviar), The Sweet Stash.
    The Southern
    The Gulch -- Sambuca, The Turnip Truck

    A quick cab ride will get you to Germantown Cafe (terrific view of downtown) or Monell's, and The Cupcake Collection for dessert in Germantown.

    Over the river in East Nashville, Marche is great for breakfast or lunch.

    If you are willing to venture further afield, of course there are tons more options in other nearby parts of town.

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      I would love to do Thai, Vietnamese & Japanese, but my husband will not.

      Thank you so much for your suggestions. The Farmer's Market sounds especially interesting. I have never been to Nashville and am very excited.

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        I second Monell's, Marche and Germantown Cafe. I love Provence for lunch but not so much for breakfast unless you are willing to stick with just pastries. Fido's has an excellent breakfast and lunch. It is also located in Hillsboro Village which would just be a very short drive and the village is a nice place to explore and shop.

      2. Having just hit Pancake Pantry last trip to Nashville, I'd recommend that. Especially the sweet tater pancakes.

        Don't let the line scare you. It moved pretty quickly when we went. I thought we'd be an hour and it was probably 20 mins.


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          The Pancake Pantry is good and the line does move pretty fast but I would avoid the weekends. The hash browns are very good with an addition of a little black pepper.

        2. Take a walk around the corner. Just a block or two away is my favorite breakfast place downtown Nashville. They actually serve breakfast all day long, so sleep as late as you want. 417 Union is a downtown diner between 4th & 5th ave on Union. They have french toast, pancakes, and award winning omelets. Their coffee is pretty good too. They have this to die for maple syrup that has vanilla infused. My favorites are the veggie omelet, the blueberry pancakes (and I don't even like blueberries) and the prime rib hash. The house potatoes are incredible. The prices are totally reasonable. And although they serve lunch & dinner, if you want a lighter meal after you've filled up on breakfast, about 2 doors down is a great sushi place called Kyoto. Another quick walk from your hotel. Maybe a block or two. Now if you are still in town another day. I'd try 417's southern fried chicken for lunch. If you like spicy then go for the rooster sandwich, the cajun chicken pasta (i believe it is called rattlesnake) or the Gumbo. Best this side of N'orlens. :) Hope this helps