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Aug 19, 2012 06:11 AM


Hi. A friend & I will have a few hrs to kill on Tues Oct 2 in b/t arriving from NY (2:30/3pm) and leaving for Buenos Aires (9pm). Any recommendations close to a MARTA stop for some reasonably priced, unique-to-ATL chow? I realize we'll be dining at sort of in- between hours since we should be back at the airport by 7 but was hoping something fit the bill. Maybe seafood ( not sushi) since we'll be indulging in Argentinian beef for the next 2-3 weeks or any local favorites. Also, my friend has never been to Atlanta before so a place in an interesting neighborhood, maybe where we can stroll around and get a few drinks would be great.
Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. heres some advice on layovers for Intl flights
    thats a tough time of day for getting a good meal,and Atl is not really known for great seafood.But id only look to places within walkig distance of MARTA or cab it to and fro--if you dont get any replies ill do more research--but im sure wpould have something

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      id go for Empire State South--but doesnt open till 5:30---if your flight is at 9 youll need to be at AP by 7-- If it were me id organize a limo, have them wait at restaurant and leave there around 645---its a really good spot, with nouveau southern menu- -the other southern spot is the colonnade--not quite as fancy, but very good Southern cooking--I luv BA, its a great city, long flight though

    2. It may not be in quite the same "league" as Empire State South, but The Feed Store, in College Park, is very good. It's right beside the East Point MARTA stop and just a few minutes from the airport. They open at 5 PM, M-F. I've had excellent fish/seafood there, especially their shrimp and grits.

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        Feed Store is across the street from the College Park MARTA station, not East Point.
        First stop after leaving airport.

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          Oops, sorry! I don't live there, have just eaten there a few times... Google maps had it wrong, I guess... I just knew there was a MARTA stop right there and Google told me it was East Point.

      2. I would just go to One Flew South in the E concourse. Excellent food for an airport and they do have good seafood. It is South African cuisine. Also, I think there are some new restaurants in the F concourse but I do not know anything about them, etc.

        1. Thanks everyone! I need to take some time to look these recommendations over & will report back.