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Aug 19, 2012 05:44 AM

H Street NE -- Atlas District (Toki U. in particular)

In a thread about Shawafel (, MFoxM included this post about other H Street haunts, especially Toki Underground. It warrants its own thread, for search purposes if nothing else:

MFoxM wrote:

& Pizza is pretty good and decently prized. I think Toki's really hit their stride. There was one time really late night the noodle was over, but that was one time only. Every time I've been there it's been great. Their dumplings improved as well. Still though. Ippudo and Momofuku is amazing.

Love H street.

(To which I responded:

"the noodle was over"?! Thank goodness it was only temporary . . .

I didn't quite understand the penultimate sentence -- were you suggesting that TU is on the level of Ippudo/Momofuku? If so, I really do need to start braving the waits and try it already . . . )

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  1. I can't compare Toki's to Ippudo or Momofuku but the ramen I had was excellent.

    My recomendations for enjoying Tokis

    Go in a small group, not only is it easier to get seats but the way the tables are set up you are likely to end up sitting next to your dining companions.

    Put your name in, give them your phone number and go find a bar to get your drink on while you wait. liked Fruit bat, but sadly it's gone away. (I haven't been to the new bar it's apparently all arcade games and such?)

    Don't be shy about ordering the extras.

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    1. re: msjess

      Don't be shy about ordering the extras.

      Do you mean extra toppings, or side dishes? If you mean extra toppings, are there any you'd especially recommend?

      I'm dying to go to TI and have a tentative trip planned soon with a friend. I have mobility problems though and would have a lot of trouble standing and waiting. Has anyone ever arrived super early, like 5:00 - 6:00? Is there a wait at that time?

      I'm also trying to decide between the kimchi ramen and the classic. Has anyone had both to compare?

      Also, am very curious about the Taiwan-style cold tofu. Has anyone had it? And how are the dumplings?

      1. re: woodleyparkhound

        If you get early, you can easily get a seat. After 6ish, you may have to wait a while. My own favorite is the classic with extra noodles.

    2. What's parking at dinner times like in that area? I've only been along H St. recently because that's the route that the cheap bus to NYC takes to get out of town, and it doesn't look like a place where restaurants have plentiful free parking.

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      1. re: MikeR

        Lots of meter parking in the area is available until 7-8 ish. Watch residential parking because side one of the street in most blocks is reserved for Ward 6 residents and it is actively enforced.

        1. I haven't tried the classic, but the kimchi ramen is awesome.

          1. I tried TU for the first time last weekend. We arrived a little after 5:00 on Fri. and had no trouble getting seats. We ordered kimchi ramen, classic ramen, Taiwanese tofu and pan-fried pork dumplings. I was disappointed in the ramen; I like Ren's (and Ippudo) much more. The broth was thin and comparatively tasteless, especially the classic. The noodles were softer than I like. I really liked the tofu and would get it again. The dumplings were OK, but again, not as good as Ren's. One thing about the ramen was an improvement over Ren's though - the quality of the pork.

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              1. re: shake N baik

                No - just the pork that came with the ramen. I didn't get any add-ons and was glad I didn't. I was *stuffed* when I left there!