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Aug 18, 2012 08:19 PM

reno sushi saga

Just dined (for the second time) at this little tiny jewel of a sushi place in the Siena Hotel. Chowhounds, try it! The two sushi chef's I have met are clearly passionate about their work, and their pride and artistry shines through. I think it is very chow-worthy and I look forward to your reactions. I think it is the best in Reno. Let's see if there is agreement!

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  1. Did you try anything that you recommend?

    1. We ate there last evening and I was super disappointed :( There was clearly no passion on the part of the young chef. And he thought the only 'excuse' for using your hands when eating nigiri sushi was if you don't know how to use chopsticks. We don't like 'rolls' so everything we got was regular nigiri sushi. Even though the fish was tightly wrapped in plastic, it mostly tasted dried out. Hard to bite through. And the rice was dried out also.

      I really, really don't like to criticize our local restaurants but this one deserved it. I hope I hit an off night. I'll actually contact the manager and tell him about our experience.