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Aug 18, 2012 05:56 PM

Byron Bay favorites

I'm in Byron Bay this week looking to eat well tues-friday. I'd love to hear your favorites for brekkie, lunch, dinner, ice cream, chocolate, gourmet markets, etc. Preferably creative, super fresh any price range.

Thank you!
Janet, visiting from NYC

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  1. there is a placed called traditional thai that had the best thai food ive ever had. weird ...

    I had the massaman

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    1. re: thatdarnblake

      Thanks much for the tip, NEXT time! Some locals also mentioned TT. My favorites this trip were:

      fab breakfast, nice vibe
      (IMHO, Sydney and similar Australian tourist spots do THE best breakfasts. check out their menu:


      111 jonson st
      for any meals


      1. re: janet T

        Ohhh. I might be too late but you MUST try to coffee at BayLeaf on Marvell Street. It is incredible - zoo complex and strong. My friends from Sydney who are really into coffee still rave about it!

        oneoneone is a winner so I am glad you found that.

        the top shop for eating yummy burgers on a sunny day on their lawn.

        Also if you don't mind a short drive, milk & honey out at Mullumbimby do a great range of wood fired pizzas.

        The Farmers Markets on Thurds in Byron and Fri in Mullum are also great for fruit, veg, notes, meats and make a relaxed brekky spot.

        Bangalow - Town cafe is brilliant for lunch or for something a bit special, try their degustation at dinner in the uptown dining room. It is unbelievable value (used to be called Satiate, and has a chefs hat too!)

        1. re: createnutrition

          hi creativenutrition,
          yes, too late for me, but not the lucky folks that come after. great tips. Town & Milk & Honey were on my list had I another few days. I did make it to the Thursday Byron market. what a great vibe.

          thanks for posting!