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Aug 18, 2012 02:22 PM

Reasonable steak near American U.?

Looking for a steak place near american University

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  1. How close to AU? There isn't much there. Chef Geoff's would probably always have a steak on their menu. If you go into Friendship Heights, there is a Cap Grille, but that is decidedly not "reasonable." Soon Wagshall';s, an awesome butcher, is going to be opening up a dine-in market, but that hasn't opened yet. I bet that will be a great find.

    1. Medium Rare in Cleveland Park. Two miles from Nebraska and Mass Aves.

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      1. re: DanielK

        For under $60, go across the street to Dino, split a T-Bone and a salad.

        1. re: wineo1957

          Wineo, what's your fascination with Dino? You go out of your way to recommend it every chance you get.

          1. re: nedh

            i'm on wineo's side. dino is amazing.

          2. re: wineo1957

            That T-bone is REALLY good, I think it's a Rosada (sp?) Farm one. Haven't been to Medium Rare yet, but it would probably work well too.