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Aug 18, 2012 02:16 PM


Anyone know where I can get some Dansom plums in Brooklyn or Manhattan? Union Square Farmers market maybe? Just reading Nigel Slater's books (Ripe and The Kitchen Diaries) and he's in raptures over these things. Now I want them too!

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  1. Locust Grove farm usually has excellent damson plums. This year, unfortunately, they lost almost all of them to weather. They had a very small amount last week and when I asked this week they said that was it. They were hoping for another week but the weather killed them. (I go to the W97th Street greenmarket in Manhattan.) I was really disappointed since I wanted to do damson jam again this year.

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      That's too bad. I guess I'll have to wait until next year. Thank you for the info though.

    2. Just returned from Napa Valley and SF, both with superb specimens at their weekly Farmers Markets.

      Varieties you just do not see anymore in NY - 'cause they're thin-skinned and don't ship well, 'cause they've been reduced to generically-named "black", "red", "yellow" or "green", 'cause they've become "dinosaurs" (pluots) and other things. Laroda, Santa Rosa, Wickson, Late Duarte, Green Gage...they still exist but you'll have to travel to get them in their properly picked condition.

      Note: I've seen Duarte's at Union Square Greenmarket.

      The "Peach-Plum" is another California specimen purchased at Saturday's SF Ferry Building market. Terrific.

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        I've done that trip a number of times, Mike. The organic farmer's market at the Ferry Building on Saturday mornings gets me very time. I stand around gazing at the produce wishing I had a kitchen in SF so I could spend the rest of the day cooking up all that fabulous stuff. And I really do dream about the porchetta sandwich from Roli-Roti. Did you have one? Almost worth changing coasts for.
        But, Mike, did you see any Dansom plums??

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          I have not seen any Damson Plums this season...neither here nor out there.
          The Wicksons were phenomenal.

          What a line there was for Roli-Roti...passed on it but sampled away as much as possible from stone fruits to smoked salmon to goat cheese - and considered it brunch.

      2. If you are looking for other types of plums -- Green Gage, Elephant Heart, Blufre, Italian, etc. - Locust Grove has had all of them. I believe they also go to the USQ greenmarket in addition to W97th St. Not sure if they go to any of the ones in Brooklyn.

        It really is too bad about the Damsons. Bummer.

        1. GOOD NEWS!! The guys from Locust Grove caught me today to let me know they do have Damson plums today. I bought a couple of pounds. They have 4 bushel baskets of them that are for today's W97th Street market plus the markets they do on Saturdays -- USQ, Tucker Square, and another one (don't know where). So if you go today or early tomorrow before that runs out, you should hopefully be able to catch them before they run out. He was unsure if they'd have any more next week or at all. Good luck.