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Aug 18, 2012 10:02 AM

DTW Ethnic Fests – Enjoyably Precious, but are they Chow Worthy?

Over the last year I’ve had the pleasure of hitting the huge Greekfest, and area Armenian (R.O.), German (Carpathia Club, and BHam WinterMakt) and Korean festivals, as well as other good ones, probably, that just aren’t jumping to mind. Tomorrow is India Day Festival in Novi , which may be worth attending just for the beauty contest (they don’t have a swimsuit round do they?). But, it’s very difficult to serve memorable food in mass outdoor settings. I realize that the central point is the culture and the community interaction, but I’m curious--- Do you know of area ethnic fests which truly hit deliciousness homeruns?

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  1. 1. I never attend festivals, they are always misses. They are usually screwy combo of some ethnic song n dance + lots of screaming kids + generic food that everyone has had before. No festival is centered around's always some holiday or some random commercial/philanthropic interest. I mean we could start michigans 1st fat festival....but 30% obesity rate isn't that everyday already?
    2. Thai temple every weekend is a pretty good home run IMO.
    Why goto a festival? What will it have other than mass produced catering-style food that you won't get anywhere else? Unless its home cooked, restaurants usually provide the food at these events, and well, our ethnic restaurants aren't really the best in the region...

    1. I attend to sample the cuisine ... just find out what it's about. WRT expectations; I'm not expecting
      gourmet. I also enjoy seeing the attire that some of the women wear, when dressing to impress.