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Aug 18, 2012 09:50 AM

Brainstorming for a festive dinner location after the Saints home opener

Hi all,

I have a friend coming in from New York for the Saints home opener in a few weeks. He has been to New Orleans before, but I don't think eaten here extensively. I am trying to brainstorm places that will be both delicious, but also have a festive atmosphere. Since it will likely be just he and I after the game, I want to make sure the restaurant has enough energy on its own to keep the party going. Anywhere downtown or uptown would work. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Try Borgne in the Hyatt Hotel. I’ve heard good things and it will definitely be festive. Or you can head to the FQ and eat at somewhere like the Bourbon House.

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      +1 on Borgne but handling a footbal crowd is really going to be the test for both the Front and Back of the House.

      If they can handle it, with the very good food we had there, it will be quite the casual place to go.

    2. Galatoire''s, Muriel's, Bayona, Emeril's, Commander's Palace, Clancy's and Tommy's are great places to dine. Enjoy your trip.

      1. We always go to Domenica post Saints games. Emeril's will be boisterous, the staff likely in their Saints gear. We generally go there prior to 3::00 games. You you will need reservations for either.

        re Littleman
        The dress code at Galatoire's and Commanders is more formal than that of folks going to Saints games.

        1. Would you consider a restaurant/bar atmosphere on Poydras be good? We experienced Walk On's and enjoyed it. The taps at the table are pretty unique. Prices aren't too bad but it is good atmosphere. Oh, menu is pretty extensive and varied.