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Aug 18, 2012 09:21 AM

Pittsburgh Burgers

So........which is better for a tasty burger and good ambiance (fun place) in Pittsburgh. Is it Winghart's or Burgatory?

We've been to Tessarro's and loved it, but it's time to try something new. We'll be heading out that way this weekend (returning son to Pitt).

We want great taste in a aburger and an upbeat atmosphere.

Please cast your votes..........(thanks!!)

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  1. don't forget BRGR next to Spoon, and the Kaya burger (at Kaya) is another "famous" burger at a very popular spot.

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    1. re: Rodzilla

      Not sure what BRGR is (?) I'll look it up.

      Just back from Pittsburgh. We went to Burgatory. It was very good. Yes it was noisy, but we didn't mind. It was late Sunday afternoon and it fit our mood after getting off the long drive and moving my son into his room The shakes are fabulous (We shared).

      Seems there is no shortage of "famous" burgers in Pitttsburger!

    2. Summit Diner, if you're coming down the turnpike (it's in somerset)

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        YES. We discovered that a few trips ago, and this is the first time we didn't stop there LOVE that little place and the burgers! This time, we decided to wait until later on and try someplace new.

      2. I've been to Burgatory. Burgers are great. Very loud and crowded however. I like BRGR better for the atmosphere and the burgers are great too! Get the fries!

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        1. BRGR has the better quality burger options, but I feel that the Burgatory accoutrements (especially their ridiculously good milkshakes) make them even in terms of experience. If you're going purely for a fantastic burger, BRGR is your best bet. Wingharts does a tasty burger, even better than Burgatory's, but in my experiences they've all fallen apart and are usually only highlighted by one or two strong flavors with their meat not being one of those contenders. Wingharts is a great lunch spot and you really can't loser with BRGR or Burgatory for dinner.

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            Clearly, we're going to have to try them all :)

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              Hello Bistro in Oakland is good. Burgatory is fun. If in Zeli area Burgher's is good.

          2. Meat & Potatoes would be another place to check out if you're looking for some heavy hitting burgers.

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            1. re: Rodzilla

              WOW -- Pittsburgh really is Pitts-burger. I don't know what we would have done if we had known about all of these choices!

              As far as whch is truly the "tastiest" burger, I guess that's personal preference (or the good ones really are pretty similar). We'l just have to keep researching right on down the list......

              Thanks to all for your input!