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Aug 18, 2012 08:56 AM

Thanksgiving in Savannah

Arriving in Savannah on Wednesday, six of us are planning to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner the next day in our vacation rental home in the historic district.

We won't have much time for the usual preparations. (If we drive from NJ, we'll bring the wine and the cranberries!) I'd appreciate some suggestions for an excellent produce market and for a grocer with good prepared foods, possibly even a turkey. Or, perhaps, a place where I could order a fresh turkey?Here in the northeast, I'd call ahead and place an order at Wegman's--will I find someplace comparable in Savannah?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. There's a Fresh Market on Abercorn that, I think, does fresh turkeys. It's a nice store.

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      Thanks, Sue. Would Fresh Market be our best bet for a pie, as well? Or is there a good bakery in the neighborhood we should try?

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        Fresh Market allows you to order many things for your holiday dinner...I alway get my fresh turkey from my local FM.
        Depends what kind of pie you want...
        My parents were in Savannah once for Christmas and they did a lovely dinner at Old Pink House...just throwing that out if you dont want to have to cook.

      2. Where is a good place to eat at a restaurant Thanksgiving dinner? Assuming an invite from k_marie isn't forthcoming.

        1. They have a nice bakery as I recall.

          I'd go to Pink House anytime. I bet their Thanksgiving dinner is great.

          1. Try Thrive Cafe. You can definitely order ahead and they do a big Thanksgiving business. All organic and local. Ask for Wendy or Sarah.


            Fresh Market is good but sometimes feels a little corporate. Just my opinion. Sadly, there's not a great produce market. The farmer's market only operates on Saturday mornings and it might not even be open that time of year. (I know...) Brighter Day has a small organic market that has pretty decent variety. Back In The Day bakery is good but I'm not sure they do pies. Thrive may be your best bet for pies as well. It's not in the Historic District. It's about a 10-12 minute drive from downtown but it's a pretty drive with lots of marsh views.

            1. Thanks. I appreciate all the responses. I'll check the websites and on-line advertisements of the stores you have suggested so far as we get closer to the holiday. And I'll be certain to place my order about two weeks to 10 days before Thanksgiving.

              Any particular brand or farm source of turkey I should ask for? We do not need free range/I do not want to pay for free range; we will not brine. For Thanksgiving, I almost always opt for a Jaindl turkey; other times of the year, Shady Brook. But I suspect their availability is regional.

              If we do need to purchase wine, will we find a decent selection in Publix or Fresh Market? Or is there a specialty wine shop?