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Aug 18, 2012 08:47 AM

Restaurant Recommendations for Northboro, Westboro, Marlboro, Southboro

Can anyone suggest a good restaurant for a birthday celebration. Prefer to stay away from chains. We have tried Tavolino, Wildwood, Arturo's, Romaine's, Tomaso. Can't be too high end as we are with elderly parents. Thanks!

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  1. You've tried the best. If you don't mind crossing into Ashland you have two gems. The Oregon Club and Stone's Public House. There are also some chowish places like Westboro Korean, El Basha which is very nice and not too far out of the box. BYO, too

    1. Try Allora in Marlboro or Willy's Steakhouse in Shrewsbury - both are great.

      1. Fish in Marlboro(used to be Coral Seafood).

        1. I like Tomasso and if you get the "Savored" app they have been on there quite a bit for 30% off!

          1. If you can stretch as far as Hudson,Chloe Bistro is quite nice. If you can extend as far as Framingham/Natick, you might consider Sel de la Terre in the Natick Mall or maybe Top Shelf in Framingham (I really can't decide if I like this place. it's okay, and its not a chain).

            I like the Willy's steakhouse suggestion. i think they are very good. Can be expensive, as steakhouses are, but they do an excellent job. I also like the Fish suggestion. i think Fish is nicer than the Coral Seafood that preceded it.