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Aug 18, 2012 08:34 AM

Gathering for 15-20 people in Montgomery County?

Hi Everyone,
Looking for a central restaurant in Montgomery County between Pottstown, Lansdale, Warminster areas. I was considering Blue Bell area. We are planning a family get together of about 15-20 people where we could mingle and catch up while having drinks and snacks on a Saturday night. Any good suggestions? I'm at a loss!


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  1. The pub at Joseph Ambler inn, the tavern at William Penn Inn, or Iron Hill Brewery in North Wales. Each are casual places that could accommodate a party that size. I would make reservations.

    1. CW named some good ones. The WmPenn might have a relative private area upstairs in what was the Commonwealth Club, late notice but perhaps. The Tavern or the Club would be nicer for a group than the main dining room and they both have their own bar area.

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        Yes, the Wm Penn does have several private rooms upstairs of various sizes (we had mom's 80th there a few years back with about 25 people). Iron Hill can get a little crowded and loud on Saturday night in my experience.

        In Blue Bell itself, there's always the Blue Bell Inn, which also has private rooms. It's been sold recently, so not sure what the situation is there currently. Also in Blue Bell, and certainly more casual, is Phil's Tavern, where I have also attended gatherings of 20 or so folks in a room upstairs.

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          You are right about the Blue Bell being another option. Two other options in the area are Spring House Tavern, and the Broad Axe (right next door to Phil's.). All of the ones mentioned are really old school kind of places.

          Forest and Main which recently got written up in the Inq has a wonderful upstairs room with a huge table that could accomodate people. Downside is limited menu and limited bar (house made beer, pa wine and no liquor.) Deterra in Ambler might be another option.

          1. re: cwdonald

            More good options. Haven't been to Forest and Main yet, but both Deterra and Broad Axe have nice second floor areas for semi-private gatherings.

            It would probably help if the OP could give an idea of price and atmosphere desired as the spots named so far cover a fair range.