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Aug 18, 2012 08:10 AM

The RoundUp Texas BBQ .....In Cold Spring, NY......Excellent! ! !

This past week when driving to play golf in Putnam County, I happened to take notice as I passed by this little unassuming spot on Route 9. I was running a little behind in my travel I was unable to stop to find out any specifics....but, I wish I had, as I later found out they have a daily $4.99 Lunch Special....

After golf though, I made sure that I did make the stop to possibly bring home some Take-Out. Pulling into the location, the place looked like a small little trailer next to a barn. A Gentleman greeted me outside and told me to go inside the building to order.....I asked him how long to prepare an order and he stated 5-10 minutes at most.....The inside area had a window to order through, which was attached to the outside trailer where they prepared the orders. Inside the room, there were picnic tables set up and coolers to help yourself to soft drinks or a large selection of beer...the latter, only a modest $2.75 per bottle. The menu on the wall offered a variety of ways to order.....meat only by the pound, plates, combination plates with sides, and etc. Having difficulty deciding how to order, the staff, who I soon found out were the owners (Linda and Bill), helped guide me into ordering just whatever I wished, with or without sides......I settled on a half pound of Beef Brisket (Marbled), 1/3 Slab of Ribs and 1/4 pound of Smoked Sausage. All in for about $24.

While waiting, I engaged the pair in a little discussion and they told me they have been in business for three years. Linda offered to have Bill show me their oven, (which had about a dozen each of chickens and briskets inside), and Bill explained to me his approach to smoking and learning while living in Austin, Texas at some of the most famous places in Hill pretension....only happy to tell me he smokes his meats with a Dry Rub & Hickory Wood @ 180-185* for a minimum of 18 hours in his South Bend Smoker Oven. He directed me to review the positive reviews on Yelp, as they were favorable.....and I completely agree.

I picked up my order and went off on my way. With the aroma of BBQ in the car, I could not wait and decided I had to eat the Brisket on the way home, as intended, not reheated.. Excellent Brisket with great smoke and beef flavor ....very tender and easy to chew.....without it falling apart. Having enjoyed the brisket so much, I dug into the ribs and smoked sausage, as well, and both equally as good........It was all finished before I made it back over the Bear Mountain Bridge.....not to forget, they prepare everything without dressing in BBQ sauce, but serve it on the side. The sauce was a pleasant sweet and tangy, for dipping. I enjoyed the BBQ so much, when I returned home i looked up their contact information and gave them a call asking for Bill....I felt it was only proper to tell him I really enjoyed his BBQ and appreciated their hospitality and graciousness.

If you are ever in the area, I recommend you give The RoundUp Texas BBQ a try. This is really my favorite type of place to find when I'm traveling on the road. A simple place run by people who are passionate about their business and want to share it with others. .......I plan on revisiting with the family and trying their Dino Beef Ribs next......made with The Short Rib Cut..

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  1. Aren't you describing the place on Rte. 9 (not 9D)? Thanks for the great write up!

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    1. re: Elisa515

      You may very well be correct and I will edit GPS indicated it was 9D..

      From their Intro page:

      The Round Up is located at 2741 Route 9 in Cold Spring, New York.

      Just a quarter mile south of the junction of Route 301 on Route 9.

      1. re: fourunder

        We tried Roundup Texas BBQ a couple of years ago and thought it was really, really good. We stopped in again at the beginning of this Summer and the food just didn't taste good, almost like liquid smoke, we were so disappointed. I suppose it could have been the weather. But it was bad enough that we didn't want to return.

        I do however love their spice rub and wish they would sell it. I like their barbeque sauce as well in spite of the fact that I'm not ordinarily a fan. I prefer their beef dino ribs and enjoy the unique ambiance , there is really no place like it.

        Although the proprietors are nice I find ( and I don't know why) there is something very "Texas chainsaw massacre about them"

        1. re: chowdom

          May I ask.....what did you have that you did not care for? Was it meat or sides ...or both?

          1. re: fourunder

            Sure on the 1st visit
            we ordered brisket/ribs/chicken with mac & cheese w/jalapeno, double cole slaw/corn bread
            2nd visit we ordered pulled chicken sandwich
            dino rib/cole slaw, baked potato
            side mac and cheese
            with the exception of the cole slaw and mac and cheese everything had a too smokey and very chemical like taste and smell to it in addition, the meat was either mush or on the verge of disintegration.

    2. we ate there a couple of years ago, the proprietors were very nice, really wanted to like the place but in the end thought the prices were outrageously high given the quality of the food and lack of ambiance. in fact, taking price out of the picture, didn't think the food was good enough for a return visit. driving by this year, decided to give it another try, didn't notice any improvement.

      maybe we've just not gotten there at the right time.

      1. I live about 15 minutes from round up and I always passed it off due to the haggard looking exterior. Thankfully I got over that and finally tried it this year and loved it as well. I see they have plans to rebuild it too. I was really happy with it and I will be back for sure.

        1. We drove by this place while out on a leaf-viewing excursion and decided to stop in, especially after smelling the smoke. Everything we had was good, mostly really good (and we once spent months in BBQ country from the Carolinas to Memphis and Texas). For two women, we ordered the 3 meat/3 sides combo which ran about $24.50, and there was enough left over for a light lunch for one. The ribs were good and smoky, the chicken was really tender, and the brisket was the best I've had. I'm not normally a mac & cheese lover, but this was quite cheddary with some heat to it, the garlic mashed potatoes were real, and the pinto beans were good but for me the weakest of the bunch. They're still serving from the trailer, but the day was nice so we sat at a picnic table out front. Linda, Bill, and the young man working there were all super-friendly and helpful. I live in Queens but plan to return when I'm in the area. It's definitely a great place to come across when you're feeling hungry and want something you can't make at home.

          1. Sunday, June 23rd 2013:

            So today, I had a late tee time at Garrison Golf Club @ 3PM and planned on making a visit here again after my round of golf. I checked their website and.....they listed the hours as open until 9PM. I thought what great news as I figured we could get there around 8PM.

            The last time I visited, I was unable to have the Dino-Beef Short Ribs, so my mission today was to make sure that did not happen this time. Here's where it gets interesting and the reason why I think this is a great little place and deserves a shout out and any help I can give them. On the drive up from Northern New Jersey I decided to have my nephew make a telephone call to reserve the DBSRs and ensure we got to order them. At first, they told him their kitchen closed at 8PM which my nephew relayed to me. Not good news and I had him ask if they could prepare a take-out order for us if we picked up close to the closing hour......there was a little confusion, so I grabbed the phone and explained out plight, and indicated I had met Linda and Bill previously and would greatly appreciate if they could accommodate our schedule. On the other end of the phone, Linda announced it was her and told me not to worry about the schedule, enjoy our golf and she would not only reserve the DBSRs, but she would keep the place open so we could enjoy the meal inside or out to our pleasure. Now that is service that should be noted. When we arrived, Linda and Bill both remembered me from my prior visit last year.....greeted us with smiles and said they were glad we were able to make it. Linda took my order and assisted in making other selections....including a big surprise menu item and some great beer from Austin, Texas which they carried in ice coolers.

            The following is what we had.

            1. *The Brisket Hot Dog* In-House Smoked Natural Casing All Beef Sabrett Frankfurter, topped with Chopped Beef Brisket. This was truly a surprise winner for less than $3.

            2. Dry Rub St. Louis Style Ribs

            3. Beef Brisket

            4. Spicy Smoke Sausage

            5. Dino - Beef Short Ribs...simply fantastic, great flavor and bark, Moist, tender and that's a 9-10 inch bone it started out from...3 ribs total.

            I really wish this place was closer to me.....the owners, the staff and the food are all great. If you haven't already, you should give them a try.. The Brisket Dog would make Hotdoglover smile.

            The $4.99 Weekday Lunch Special is still available too.