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Aug 18, 2012 06:27 AM

Sweet flavour combinations

What flavour combinations do you like to use in baking sweet items?

I'm after a little inspiration!

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  1. I love cardamom and almond.
    Also a touch of nutmeg and mace.

    1. Blue Agave! I assume that it is a byproduct from tequila distillation.

      1. with chocolate i always add a little espresso powder and often bourbon.

        rum with bananas.

        with berries or stone fruits i like some almond, so will often sub out some almond flour for the white and always sub out some brown sugar for the white.

        1. Peach is nice with just a little lemon and orange.
          Burnt sugar and caramel with almost anything.

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            Chocolate and cinnamon - even a hint (1/8 tsp) in chocolate chip cookies. Also, chocolate and chili, especially in brownies - I usually soak a dried morita or ancho, remove stem, seeds and veins, and blend with the eggs.

          2. apricot and ginger
            peach and raspberry
            butterscotch and nectarine
            grilled nectarines and earl grey tea (sorbet)
            dark chocolate and salted caramel
            black pepper, pear and blue cheese
            blueberry and cardamom
            blueberry w/ lemon

            I am on a fruit with flavors kick with all the summer produce; in tarts, ice cream, sorbets or bar cookies, frozen lemon/blueberry pie... YUM!

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            1. re: gingershelley

              In the same vein...
              Strawberries and black pepper (I like cream cheese or mascarpone with it too).