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Aug 18, 2012 05:40 AM

Restaurant-Quality Whiteware

Does anyone have a recommendation for restaurant-quality bright white dinnerware? Specifically plates, and in a coupe style. Something NOT made in China... I would be willing to invest in something like Homer Laughlin's 'Alexa' plates if I knew they were durable. I would think they would be, since they appear to be made for restaurants, but I can't find any reviews on them.

I bought 2 coupe plates from Crate & Barrel earlier this year to test, and they haven't chipped, but they seem to have been discontinued. Plus they were made in China and I wasn't too excited about that.

Williams-Sonoma does sell a porcelain coupe style by Pillivuyt, but those are even more expensive than the Homer Laughlin plates. Too expensive for everyday use.

Perhaps I am limiting myself unnecessarily by wanting the coupe style, but I definitely prefer it. The dishes I received for my wedding 6+ years ago chipped almost instantly and weren't bright white. I've put up with them while saving up for better dishes.

I would appreciate any advice :) Thanks!

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  1. While I generally like buying non-Chinese, as products from there seem to be unsafe and/or unreliable, I think with porcelain or china you are safe. The Chinese invented the stuff we eat on, and they do all levels of stuff for the export market today.

    Lenox makes china in the U.S. The style you like might be Aspen Ridge.

    1. I'm not sure why you have an aversion to things made in China, but simply check with a restaurant supply house and you can buy the exact same plates you eat off of in restaurants. I can't speak to where they're made, but that's not something I care about at all so it's not on my radar screen.

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        Glazing can have lead (Pb) that letches out of it. This has been a problem with dishware from Mexico, Italy, and China. However, a few bad apples shouldn't taint a whole nation.

        Ultimately, you generally get what you pay for. Good company's can make good products anywhere in the world. Cheap products where company's/people cut corners are generally where the problems show up.

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          Thanks for your suggestions. I should have been more clear: the reason I am trying to avoid china from China is purely a quality issue. I buy many things from China. I just would prefer my dishes to be from somewhere else...

      2. Fish's Eddy started as a retail store in Manhattan that bought restaurant close-outs. Good quality, sturdy basics at great prices. They have a vast supply of basic whites. They now have an online store of course.

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          Thanks, I've been to Fishs Eddy and seen their selections. I will check them again!