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Aug 17, 2012 11:18 PM

Whither foie gras in Vancouver -- quick help for Bay Area visitors

On an izakaya mini-crawl this evening, we happened to sit next to two avid eaters from San Francisco. They are craving foie gras since it is no longer available in California. A quick search here netted Bistro Pastis, L'abbatoir and Le Crocodile as possible venues. They are not fussy about prep, though simple would be better. Can y'all help out a couple of worthy visitors? Only here til Monday so time is of the essence!

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  1. Fraiche in West Van has it as a parfait (app) and stuffed in pheasant (main) at the moment. You can add seared foie gras to a main at Diva at the Met (for $20). And it looks like Boneta and Hawksworth are also selling it in parfait form (appys).

    1. From Chambar:
      Foie de canard “villa lorraine”
      Spiced foie gras terrine, port reduction, kriek granita & truffled brioche french toast.

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        Pied a Terre does a daily preparation of a seared slab o' foie...

      2. Tableau has a parfait.

        (I see an opportunity for "Foie Tourism"!)

        1. The version at L'Abbatoir was excellent when we visited.

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            Thanks everyone! They tried PAT which was very good though the portion was too small :-).

          2. Thank you grayelf for this foie gras post, and thank you all for your reply! As grayelf mentioned, my friend and I visited Pied-a-terre. We like our foie gras simple- seared the best. I thought the sauce was quite tasty-but the foie was small and the sauce overwhelmed it a bit. And It wasn't quite melt-in-my-mouth as I would have liked. That said, any foie gras is better than no foie gras (in my opinion), and their lamb dish more than made up for our disappointment with the foie gras. For reference, Raku in Las Vegas and Gary Danko in SF have some of my favorite foie gras dishes.