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Aug 17, 2012 07:41 PM

ISO brown rice tortillas

Having a gluten free guest who requested brown rice tortillas for wraps and make your own pizza. Anyone know where I can buy these? I'm in North York, but get around the city.

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  1. well there is a Food for Life brown rice tortilla and according to their website these stores carry their products so you can give them a try..

    Vegetable Kingdom Organics 443 Adelaide St W 416 703-6447

    Karma Food Co-op 739 Palmerston Ave. (416)-534-1470

    The Health Shoppe 1375-A Yonge st (416) 968-1225

    Big Carrot Natural Food Market 348 Danforth Avenue (416) 466-2129

    Ambrosia Natural Foods 55 Doncaster Thornhill (905) 881-7811

    Natural Food Emporium 3555 Don Mills Road North York (416) 497-2270

    to name a few. the bottom 2 would be closest to you i would think.
    good luck.


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      i like these tortillas and you can get them in kensington market at sugar & space on augusta. they have it in their frozen foods section, actually. they thaw out fine.

    2. I would give Goodbye Gluten a call. They are on Avenue Road, between Lawrence and Wilson: