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Aug 17, 2012 07:40 PM

Best Beer List in Manhattan...

I've been to Resto and was very impressed by their offerings. Is there anything else on that level; a restaurant with good food and great beer? I always like trying Belgian Dubbels and Trappist ales. Quality is more important than quantity. How about Markt?

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  1. You've got 2 of my favorite spots for a quality food/beer combo! Markt doesn't have as much sheer quantity of choice as Resto, but it's also a different vibe type of place - depends on my mood which one I'd choose in a pinch. I think places with good beer are increasingly featuring US craft beers and less of the Belgians - not a bad thing IMO but when in a Trappist mood I find my choices shrinking.

    I always seem to mention Cafe D'Alsace on east 88th - they do a great job on the beer front and the food is good too. It's roughly similar to Markt food-wise, but with a wider beer selection (but not as much as Resto).

    Spitzer's Corner on LES also has a great beer selection and good food - more US centric though.

    Probably not what you're thinking of, but Eleven Madison Park has a pretty darn awesome beer selection too. I wouldn't go there just for the beer of course, but still...

    How about Blind Tiger on Bleecker? Definitely a pub (more than a restaurant) but I think their food is decent, given their beer selection.

    Another honorable mention for me is B Cafe on East 75th - not a ton of beer, but they have Tripel Karmeliet on draft and that is something special!

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      Thanks! I definitely don't mind US craft brews either, variety is key!

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        Blind tiger is a good call - it gets a little too crowded on busy nights but for midweek/early drinking they have some really great stuff thats super hard to find elsewhere (though skewed really hard toward american crafts).

      2. Marseille has a very good list, with a number of Belgians.

        1. My suggestion is a bit of a tangent, but there's an amazing store in the EV called "Good Beer" with an impressive selection of unusual/microbrew/international beers- mostly bottles but they have a changing draft selection. They have tables in the back if you want to sit with a pint from the tap and munch on some charcuterie. It doesn't strike me as a place to go and eat, but if you love unusual or hard-to-find beers and want to stock some in your fridge, this is a wonderful place for that. This is where I go to stock up on Tripel Karmeliet.


          Good Beer
          422 East 9th Street, New York, NY

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          1. I almost forgot: DBGB on Bowery - excellent beer list and great food.

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            1. As I write this I know I'm missing one of your criteria - um, GOOD food - but the beer list at Rattle n Hum is off the hook. Food, average pub food. They have special brewers' nights and such. Crowd is total beer geeks. fwiw/


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                I agree emphatically with RattleN Hum - it has about 40 craft beer taps, a handful of cask ales and about 100 bottles. The taps rotate every week, as it hosts a brewery event every Tuesday night. The people behind it have also opened up a place in Times Square - Beer Authority. It's a little less geeky and plays more to the mainstream crowd, but it has 101 taps, a rooftop Beer Garden and an unbelievable selection on tap and in bottles.

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                  Agree... RNH is the best beer bar in Manhattan I think. I also agree that if someone is looking for a nice dinner, RNH is a bar, not a restaurant with a good beer list, but I do think the food at RNH is better than the typical Irish pub/sports bar food at most other bars around the city! Mmmm..... reuben....