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Best Beer List in Manhattan...

I've been to Resto and was very impressed by their offerings. Is there anything else on that level; a restaurant with good food and great beer? I always like trying Belgian Dubbels and Trappist ales. Quality is more important than quantity. How about Markt?

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  1. You've got 2 of my favorite spots for a quality food/beer combo! Markt doesn't have as much sheer quantity of choice as Resto, but it's also a different vibe type of place - depends on my mood which one I'd choose in a pinch. I think places with good beer are increasingly featuring US craft beers and less of the Belgians - not a bad thing IMO but when in a Trappist mood I find my choices shrinking.

    I always seem to mention Cafe D'Alsace on east 88th - they do a great job on the beer front and the food is good too. It's roughly similar to Markt food-wise, but with a wider beer selection (but not as much as Resto).

    Spitzer's Corner on LES also has a great beer selection and good food - more US centric though.

    Probably not what you're thinking of, but Eleven Madison Park has a pretty darn awesome beer selection too. I wouldn't go there just for the beer of course, but still...

    How about Blind Tiger on Bleecker? Definitely a pub (more than a restaurant) but I think their food is decent, given their beer selection.

    Another honorable mention for me is B Cafe on East 75th - not a ton of beer, but they have Tripel Karmeliet on draft and that is something special!

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      Thanks! I definitely don't mind US craft brews either, variety is key!

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        Blind tiger is a good call - it gets a little too crowded on busy nights but for midweek/early drinking they have some really great stuff thats super hard to find elsewhere (though skewed really hard toward american crafts).

      2. Marseille has a very good list, with a number of Belgians.

        1. My suggestion is a bit of a tangent, but there's an amazing store in the EV called "Good Beer" with an impressive selection of unusual/microbrew/international beers- mostly bottles but they have a changing draft selection. They have tables in the back if you want to sit with a pint from the tap and munch on some charcuterie. It doesn't strike me as a place to go and eat, but if you love unusual or hard-to-find beers and want to stock some in your fridge, this is a wonderful place for that. This is where I go to stock up on Tripel Karmeliet.


          Good Beer
          422 East 9th Street, New York, NY

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          1. I almost forgot: DBGB on Bowery - excellent beer list and great food.

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            1. As I write this I know I'm missing one of your criteria - um, GOOD food - but the beer list at Rattle n Hum is off the hook. Food, average pub food. They have special brewers' nights and such. Crowd is total beer geeks. fwiw/


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                I agree emphatically with RattleN Hum - it has about 40 craft beer taps, a handful of cask ales and about 100 bottles. The taps rotate every week, as it hosts a brewery event every Tuesday night. The people behind it have also opened up a place in Times Square - Beer Authority. It's a little less geeky and plays more to the mainstream crowd, but it has 101 taps, a rooftop Beer Garden and an unbelievable selection on tap and in bottles.

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                  Agree... RNH is the best beer bar in Manhattan I think. I also agree that if someone is looking for a nice dinner, RNH is a bar, not a restaurant with a good beer list, but I do think the food at RNH is better than the typical Irish pub/sports bar food at most other bars around the city! Mmmm..... reuben....


              2. Jimmy's 43 - the list rotates so it's not HUGE, but it's always excellently curated, and the food is great.

                For fancier dining, Gramercy Tavern and Collichio & Sons have always had solid lists. Eleven Madison Park as well, for REALLY fancy dining.

                I only like DBGB for the main dining room in back - the menu there is quite reasonable, and good. Unfortunately, for food, the bar area menu is quite limited (just the burgers & sausages) and kind of a rip-off for what you get. Also, any beer you get there you can often find elsewhere (and often nearby, like at Jimmy's, dba, or Burp Castle) significantly cheaper. Their markup is VERY high for the nieghborhood.

                I'll second Spitzer's & Blind Tiger as well.

                1. I have to agree with all of these excellent suggestions. I'm probably at Gramercy Tavern, Good Beer and Blind Tiger at least 3-4 a month to enjoy their amazing selections. I know you had mentioned Resto but have you been next door to Cannibal? Their selection is just as great but with a slew of delicious tartares.

                  Also I just checked out the Randolf Beer Bar and was shocked by the selection they carried. It may be a bit pricier than some of the other beer places mentioned but they had a few beers I've never seen in the city.

                  1. Waterfront Ale House has a relatively small list (about 20 beers, rotating) but always nicely chosen. Food is good pub food, nothing fancy, but the sausage platter is good, and there are interesting specials.