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Aug 17, 2012 07:04 PM

MKE - apparently Jerry;s in Ger4mantown is no more

They ribs had been going downhill, but I will miss them. They had been my "comfort place" for years.

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  1. In case you didn't see this...Jerry's and the Stube have been acquired by that Chaz Hastings guy who owns Mke Harley and Madame Belle's and Tally Ho.

    I am looking forward to checking out the Stube because I always thought they could do more with the German theme in Germantown, although it does sound like it could be just a bit much. It would be nice if they take their beer seriously and clean the lines regularly, etc.

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      Now that it is open, has anyone made it to the new Old Town Inn? I saw it was reviewed in the Journal Sentinel a few weeks back.

      We'll be going for a family dinner over the weekend, so I'll have to report back, but I thought I'd see if anyone had been as I'd love to know thoughts on what to order. I know ribs are their thing and I'm sure that's what the rest of the group will have, but I'll probably try something else.

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        We have been there with friends that live in OZ county and it did not seem like we were their target clientele. It is different from the former version and definitely has the Chaz Hastings influence.

        I hope your experience will be satisfactory and will look forward to your review because I am typically on the same page as your are when it comes to food.

        1. re: Fowler

          Wow, not sure where to start. Since you've been there, this may not all be news to you, but hopefully this will also be helpful to others considering it.

          Our service experience during dinner was pretty terrible. We aren't really people who let a bad server ruin our dinner, so it wasn't like all was lost, but I would have serious reservations about recommending the place for sitting down in the dining room for dinner. I am sure there are quite a few people that would have made a fuss had they experienced what we did. We weren't greeted by a server for nearly ten minutes and once we got one, she was very awkward and repeatedly forgot items we had requested. It took over 30 minutes to get water on the table and we were given an excuse and apology about how the water machine was broken, so she had to get it from the bar and that's why it took so long. From the time we sat down to the end of dinner, nearly 2 1/2 hours had passed and we didn't even have dessert.

          On the other hand, we had a drink at the bar before dinner and the bartenders were very attentive.

          The draft beer selection was good for the area. It is not all German like the Bier Stube next door. They did have Edmund Fitzgerald Porter on tap (one of my favorites, so things started off on a positive note). It tasted great, so I think they are taking their beer seriously and keeping the lines clean which can be an issue around here. The others in my group had old fashioneds and said they were good ones. The wine list is short, but there was a Steele Zin on the list that is an $18 retail bottle for $28. We enjoyed that and thought it was a good choice for a BBQ-centered restaurant and the low mark-up was nice.

          On to the food.
          Two in our our group had the famous ribs and they were well reviewed, but the one critique was they weren't very saucy and it took some time to get our server to bring extra sauce and it was brought out in a small plastic condiment container. I think considering the place is on the casual side and most people were ordering ribs, they should just put sauce on the tables and throw in a bottle of ketchup while they're at it. They are serving ketchup on request only at the tables in those dip & squeeze packets, so obviously the lack of condiments on the table is not because they are trying to be classy.

          My husband tried the 1/2 and 1/2 smoked and famous ribs. The smoked ribs were probably more "fall of the bone" than they should have been, but they were tasty.

          I went for the combo of 1/4 smoked chicken and 9 oz. NY strip steak. The steak was closer to medium than medium rare as ordered, but it had a pleasant grilled flavor and was good for the price ($26.50 with two sides, so my expectations weren't that high when comparing this to a steakhouse). I asked if I could request dark meat chx and was told no, but they'd give me a little bit of each which of course didn't really make sense for a 1/4 portion, but I just stuck with the order. Of course I ended up with a breast. It was fine, not worth being too bent out of shape about it as I was quite full before even getting to the chicken.

          Sides/Apps reviews among the group from what we tried:
          Onion Rings: Great
          Fries: Good, but not notably special
          Baked Potatoes: Dried Out
          Slaw: "Pretty Good, would like creamy slaw better to compliment the BBQ sauce"
          Lachs Rosti (smoked salmon potato pancake starter): Over salted. The salmon was tasty. The pancake was nice and crispy with a good texture, but it was salty on its own and then adding the salmon with capers and pickles made it a salt bomb.
          The vegetable of the day was a green bean with red pepper saute that was prepared nicely.

          SO. The food was actually pretty good, not great overall, but the ribs were enjoyed which was why the others wanted to go there. The consensus in the group was that we might go back and sit in the bar area, consider it for take-out, OR eat next door at the Bier Stube.

          You can exchange your dinner receipt next door at the Bier Stube for one small beer. We popped over and had one beer in their beer garden. They did a great job with the renovation and I would consider it one of the best outdoor bar spaces in that area. We noticed you could order ribs and some of the other food items on the menu at the Inn at a lower price, so we may do that sometime.

          Old Town & the Stube are not too far from our house, so that's why we'd still consider the place despite a less than stellar experience. We're not exactly in culinary heaven up this way and we aren't always looking to drive 25 min. + for a meal.