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Aug 17, 2012 06:50 PM

Prescott, WI

I know it isn't Twin Cities, but I am hoping it is close enough to not have this thread deleted by moderators.

My brother lives in Prescott. My mom's 80th birthday is this Sunday. My brother is unable to drive and we are planning to go to Prescott for an early dinner on Sunday. Any suggestions? My brother suggested (oh, God, I can't believe I am even typing this) Applebee's. I would rather stick a fork in my own eye.

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  1. The best bet in Prescott is Muddy Waters. It's on the main drag - turn right after you cross the bridge. They're hit or miss - Sometimes they're pretty good, and others they're only mediocre. But every other place in town I've tried has been terrible, so "mediocre" is a significant step up. Most of the places there are kind of built around catering to the motorcycle convoys that go through every weekend, so cheap beer is more a priority than good food.

    1. I'm with ShadowFax if no one can drive. Otherwise, I'd suggest driving over to Hastings for the Mississippi Belle or the Afton House in in Afton.

      But if no one can drive, Muddy Waters is now the best bet. It's sad. The old Steamboat would have been ideal for this, but that place died a very, very sad death. When I was younger, it was one of the better restaurants/supper clubs around. I still miss the seafood casserole and prime rib specials.

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        And what a death it was, too. The last time I ate there was probably a month or two before it closed. Old, expired food, rotten lettuce in the salad, a somewhat rank odor in the air - absolutely nothing good about the place.

        If they're driving, another pretty decent place that doesn't require a drive all the way into the Cities is Agave in Hudson.