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Aug 17, 2012 06:24 PM

Top That Pizza?

Has anyone tried Top That Pizza in Richardson or Denton?

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    I'll pass, thank you. Too many really good pizza places in Dallas to have to eat pizza from a low feeder chain.

    1. On the pizza note - I'm really disappointed in the new Grimaldi's in Grapevine. I've eaten at the one in West Village a couple of times and with minimum toppings, the crust is such you can pick up each slice to eat it. Single topping at the G'Vine location yielded a crust that required a fork - too much sauce resulting in a limp crust. I'm sure they're still doing some fine-tuning and hope this problem is one being "tuned".

      1. We tried it last week and really liked it. Quick, inexpensive, lots of toppings to choose from and great tasting. It was a neat experiancr for the whole family.

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          Thanks for the review. I will try it soon. I like the options.
          I've tried most of the pizza places in Dallas, but can't make it to the best ones on the nights when i crave pizza in Richardson.