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Aug 17, 2012 06:06 PM

Help me fine-tune by Barcelona itinerary

I've read this board fairly thoroughly, and have a sense of what I'd like to accomplish during four days/nights in Barcelona this October. I would be grateful for any help fine-tuning the itinerary. I speak Spanish.

On the first night, a Wednesday, I have reservations at Tickets. A little early (7:30), but I figure I shouldn't pass it up!

Thursday: Seeing a concert in the evening, so planning on doing tapas in the Born area. Is there a more rustic spot that we could hit for lunch, perhaps somewhere a little out of the way (but not out of town?)

Friday: I would like a more formal sit-down meal of modern catalan cuisine. I had my eye on L'Olive. Any thoughts on alternatives, particularly less touristy ones? Good atmopshere is always a strong draw for us. Fonda Gaig seems a bit too expensive.

Saturday: Looking for a good suggestion in Barceloneta for seafood/fideo for lunch. Was eyeing Can Mayo or Casa Delfin.


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  1. Thursday lunch not too far away from the central Gotic and El Born, head up to Gracia and try Sant Joan, Envalira or Surency. Closer in El Ravel are El Jardi and Ca Estevet. Nothing fancy, all are inexpensive and serve simple Catalan food.

    Friday: L'Olive is creative and good but the cooking is less 'modern' than some others. On the same budget, alternative might be Gresca. Hisop is excellent but a bit more and worth it. I really like Cat.181, less expensive and more lively than the others. As for atmosphere, the decor are all 'sparse modern'. The cooking at Fonda Gaig is not 'modern' but lightened up traditonal Catalan. Their flagship Can Gaig has mdoern Catalan cuisine and is very expensive.

    Saturday lunch at Barceloneta, Can Mayo?=Can Majo is good as any but a few euros more; might try the ever popular Kaiku. Barceloneta has two of the better simple inexpensive places: Can Mano and La Cova Fumada; more everyday down home cooking then seafood/fideo. Never been to Casa Delfin and it is in El Born.

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      Thanks. This is the first time I've heard of Cata 181, and I think it looks like what I'm looking for.

    2. Hi Chicas, cant say much now .. but will be heading to Barca in Sep - so will fill you in after ...

      1. Second Kaiku, It's a good choice. The Gresca lunch is very good value for 20 Euro. Also, I thought Fonda Gaig was decent value but that is relative - I was comparing a meal there to Alkimia or Cinc Sentits price wise but they are different types of food. I even had a meal at the airport outpost Porta Gaig - similar menu to Fonda Gaig with a value set lunch.

        1. sounds like you've done yr homework: Tickets, tapas and some Spanish is promising. I loved Cata 181, kindof wine bar with upmarket snacks +loads of interesting (mainly Spanish) wines by the glass. You perch on bar stools at tables for 5 or 6, exchanging impressions (or even wine and food) with table neighbours - and you've got Spanish so this could be fun. Got into a lively discussion with our neighbours on the food, who helped to interpret the ‘bikini trufat’ (an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny triangular sandwich laced with truffles). Tapas in the Born is always fun - echo others' endorsements of Euzkal Etxea, also Sagardí and Santa Maria de la Ribera, just by the cathedral - not trendy or fashionable, just local, autentico and good value. La Paradeta's seafood is cheap and pretty reliable and the whole experience is fun - select your fish/shellfish, put in your order, repair to your table and hope desperately that you'll hear the garbled interpretation of your name when it's called out from the engine room. Gresca, Gelonch and Alkimia all have great-value lunch menus, fairly similar in layout (long, thin, tiny), decor (minimalist) and cuisine (mod. Catalan). In Barceloneta, seek out El Xiringo: best, freshly made tapas I've had in eons served by large, jovial owner clad in long black apron and Crocs - scallops a la planxa, artichoke hearts in lacy batter, croquetas, manchego slivers with quince jam and an unusually good house cava, plus suave music and big white sofas to sink into.

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            hi sue, is El Xiringo open on Mondays? i'm searching for places to eat on monday around barceloneta area ..

            1. re: cyberK13

              pretty sure we went on a Monday night but best to check - have fun!

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                Monday is the day the fish markets are closed so it's not an especially good day for eating in Barceloneta, where the best thing going is fresh, simple seafood.
                Mondays are good days for Pintxo bars and the places that specialize in canned or preserved foods, jamon or cheese - there are options for each of these not far from Barceloneta, if not in Barceloneta.

                1. re: caganer

                  caganer : good tip ... will weigh the options