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Aug 17, 2012 04:56 PM


I'll be going over there on a day trip.

Any restaurant recommendations?

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  1. here is some info from a previous thread ---
    what type of meal(s) are you looking for?

    Sweet Water Bistro is very popular and well-reputed

    if you want a lower price point - i like Molly's Reach (the old CBC Beachcomber's cafe) --- nice views, outdoor seating etc.

    here is a list of places where you can buy "local" food --- farm stands, etc

    plan ahead for your ferry trip - the ships are super busy at this time of year (


    if you do NOT bring a car, there is transit and taxi usually at the terminal when the ship arrives in langdale

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      Friends from TO just came back yesterday from Gibson's and tried Sharkey's in Roberts Creek (mentioned in GS' first link above). While not Chowhounds, it's hard to argue with "that was the best fish and chips of my life" as a recommendation :-). The place is tiny and easy to miss, apparently, but they have a board outside listing the daily prepared specials and a steady flow of customers. Could be worth a 10k detour...

      1. re: grayelf

        Thanks GS.

        Those links were useful.

        Grayelf. Sounds good and I'd go far for some good fish and chips. Not sure the assembled crew will though.

    2. I will have to try sharkeys. The fish and chip shop on the main street of Gibson landing is terrible. speaking of travelling far for good fish and chips, my favourite place is probably dicks on the wharf in Campbell river. Thick slices of fish with thin batter (how often it is the other way round... Not a good thing) and well caremalized not too crispy fries (I'm not a fan of golden crispy us style fries) well nigh perfect in my books.