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Aug 17, 2012 04:51 PM

Porc and fennel sausage

Italian style...i don't have time to make my own this weekend and my GF asked me for one of her favorite pizza at the small party she's throwing on sunday. anyone has any clue of a good sausage place that makes a great fennel sausage ?

thanks alot,


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  1. I also love a lot of fennel in my sausages - and I'll tell you what I do. I buy some regular "Hot" Italian sausages from the butcher. Then when I crumble them and fry them in the pan, before putting them on the pizza, I smash some fennel seeds with a mallet, and throw them in the pan with the sausage. Makes all the difference. Hope this helps you.

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      yeah it might be what i have to do. but even a good italian sausage is hard to find...i just moved close to pie-ix/beaubien and i have yet to find a decent one. thats why i've been making my own for years now i guess ;)


      1. re: simonSmokes

        I know what you mean, but I find for things like pizza toppings, even if I buy the sausage from the butcher at Metro or IGA, and spice it up a bit, while it's frying (I also smash chili flakes with the fennel seed) it's really not so bad.

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          I'm far from being an expert on italian sausages but I like the pork and fennel sausage at Milano on St-Laurent. Hope this helps.

          1. re: Simon Patrice

            i was actually heading there today for some san marzano tomatoes, so i'll give them a try.


    2. If you are on the south shore, the Italian cheese/charcuterie shop in Marche Village (Brossard) has nice, authentic, coarse sausage (with red pepper and fennel).

      They are only available fresh on Friday and Saturday, and sometimes Sunday if they do not run out.

      VERY home-made tasting - nothing at all like a commercial italian sausage.



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        Would some of you sausage experts be able to recommend a place selling an exceptional smoked pork sausage?

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          I wouldn't really call myself an expert - but I've always been fond of the European shops along St. Laurent. There are a few near Schwartz's - Slovenia is one of them - can't think of the names of others.