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Aug 17, 2012 02:12 PM

Products to request from Dublin for San Francisco chowhound?

Hello, My husband is going to be in Dublin next week for work, and he is accepting requests from me! I'd love to get any suggestions of food and cooking products that would be good to try. Tea? Baked good, cheese, condiment?

Neither of us have visited Ireland. Too bad I can't join him this time!

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  1. I suppose it depend on what Irish foodstuffs you like and how hard they are to get where you are.

    I'm a big fan of the semi-soft Irish cheeses like Gubbeen and Ardrahan. And whilst I can get excellent black pudding where I am, I'm also a fan of Clonakilty white pudding and brought some of that back from our last trip (I also brought back some of the black pudding)

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      Perfect, will look into where to get these. Thanks!

      Essentially, I'd like a taste of good and interesting things from Dublin. Cheese was definitely on my mind.

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        Favorite tea, cookies, candies, baked goods would be great to hear about too!

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          I always bring home some Butler's chocolates. They are really delicious! I think one can always find them at the airports.

      2. The best Irish artisan type products that are also capable of travelling are smoked goods from the likes of Gubeen Smokehouse. You can get various types of smoked meats and fish depending on the season. It's definately worth getting some smoked bacon and some smoked fish if you like this type of thing. (It's all vacuum packed)
        McGeogh's air dried lamb from Connemara is produced like a Parma ham. Lovely!
        On the off-chance that your husband stumbles across some - the best black pudding I've ever tasted is from McCarthys of Kanturk.
        Assuming he's staying somewhere central - the best place for him to pick you up some treats is Fallon & Byrne on Exchequer Street.
        Sheridans cheesemonger is nearby on South Anne Street and has a fantastic range.

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          So excited - will my husband have to choose a type if bacon? And fish? Any recommendations?

          His hotel is quasi central- will take tranportation into center. Herbert Park Hotel.

        2. By the by, it may be worth the OP checking American food import restrictions which I've read are far more stringent than we're used to in Europe. It would be a shame for the smoked fish or cheese to be confiscated by US Customs.

          1. This seems to be the most up-to-date material from the U.S. gov't. regarding what's allowed to be brought back. I usually check before bringing things to my family.


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              Thank you. My husband was concerned about the cheese already so this is great! I can have it!