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Aug 17, 2012 02:06 PM

[Manchester, city centre] Bem Brasil

Bem Brasil is a churrascaria serving in the rodizio style. Which, in my book, means it’s a posh all you can eat buffet.

When these places are done well, they can be a fine experience. A good variety of fresh salads to start. An equally good array of vegetable dishes to go with your meats. And it’s the meats that should be the stars. Servers moving round the room carving off long skewers direct to your plate.

However, Bem Brasil doesn’t do it well. Yes, there’s a limited range of albeit good salads. And a limited range of albeit good vegetable dishes.

But it’s the meats that let it down. You have to have servers constantly patrolling the room with the various cuts. Here, minutes go by before someone comes to your table. It means the veg you got to accompany the meat has gone cold. Or your meat has gone cold if you’ve tried the alternative method of waiting until its been served to you before braving the veg buffet queue. And then you find the meat quality is quite poor and pretty flavourless. For example, beef fillet was absolutely nothing of the sort. Oh, and at £24, I don’t think that’s the best value for money meal in the city centre. Not by a long way. Not by the whole length of Princess Parkway.

I’m not a pathfinder when it comes to deciding where to eat and, almost invariably, rely on reviews I’ve seen written by amateurs or professionals in the print or online media. Because I’m only going to places that have been well tipped, I rarely come across a duffer. This was one.

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  1. Yes - there's one of these in Liverpool, and I've wanted to know how good it is, but I suspected that it would be rubbish and didn't want to waste any of my very paltry income finding out - so thanks!

    People rave about it, and another similar place in the city, but I think that's just because they fall for the gimmick and don't notice that the food is poor quality - either that, or they are easily pleased, which I think is often the case.

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    1. re: Theresa

      Oddly, I didnt check out Manchester Confidential for this one before putting it on my "to try" list. If I had, then I would have seen all the comments about slow service of poor quality meat. Really disappointed - we went to one of thse in New England a few weeks back and it was ace. Had hoped for somewhere as decent right on the doorstep.

    2. Yep, dead on. When I had a deal for a £5 lunch, it was fine. Its current prices are absurd for what is a pretty poor place all in all.