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Aug 17, 2012 01:45 PM

Keene, NH Breakfast & Lunch

We will be attending a wedding in Keene, NH next weekend. Any suggestions for a place for breakfast or lunch in the downtown area? Just looking for casual spots. TIA

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  1. Hiya AGM. It's kind of fancy but still casual. I meet friends for lunch at Luca's. It's right in the downtown area. You'll need to park in one of the city lots. The lunch menu is reasonable. You can have pizza or sandwiches.

    If you want really casual and have the time, Humble Kitchen food truck in Brattleboro VT has bahn mi sandwiches and cold Asian noodle salads. They park in the Harmony parking lot and have a few tables.

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      Lindy's Diner on Gilbo Ave right in the center of the city.

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        I second Lindy's Diner. One of the few places that doesn't turn an omelet into leathered eggs.