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Aug 17, 2012 01:31 PM

Whats good in Bristol, CT area?

Ill be visiting the carousel museum tomorrow and looking for reccomendations where to dine nearby. Ill be comong from NJ so would be good if I didnt have to gp morw than 5 - 10 miles outside of Bristol. Im interested in any kind of food, any price range. Thank you!

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  1. Only one place in Bristol. Persimmon. You will love it

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      If you are going to the carousel museum then you must mean Bristol Ct. It seems Persimmon is in Bristol Rhode Island. There is not much at all in Bristol Ct. Depending what type of food you are looking for I would recomend Joey Garlics in Farmington (about 5 miles). I would also recomend doing a search on this board for West Hartford Ct. There are many good choices and it's only about 15 miles away.

    2. Confetti and The Cottage, next to each other in Plainville, adjacent town to Bristol, are both good. Cottage is more creative and inventive. Cava in Southington is a good Italian restaurant.

      1. If you like barbecue, Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe and the BBQ review site PigTrip both like Smokin' With Chris, 59 West Center Street Southington, down the street from the Bristol exit of I-84.

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          Speaking of BBQ, I prefer Flaggstead Texas Smokehouse in Farmington over Smokin with Chris (although Chris is still good).

          Depending on which area of Bristol the poster is coming from, it's only about 10 mins away.