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Aug 17, 2012 01:29 PM

For one day only, Sonoma or Napa?

We are traveling to San Francisco in October and are planning to spend one day in either Napa or Sonoma. I know it's not enough time to appreciate either but we are just looking to hit a few vineyards for a day as we have limited time free. Can anyone weigh in on which they would prefer and why?

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  1. Well since this is the kosher board, I'll assume you want a kosher winery. I'd recommend Napa so you can go to Hagafen. I'm not aware of any kosher wineries in Sonoma. Some of the Herzog vineyards are in Sonoma, but the only "tour" is at their production facility in Oxnard.

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      Although the Oxnard restaurant is amazing, the wine tour is not. It's just a hallway with photos of articles about the company. They have a wine bar where you can purchase tastes. If you want to see a genuine winery, Oxnard is not it.

    2. Please tell me that you have already seen or are making time to see all of the really spectacular parts of Northern California. Because for kosher foodies, this is not an exciting eating/drinking destination. I mean, you can see the vineyards, but they don't put a patch on the coast redwoods or Big Sur. If you want to do kosher food and vineyards, book a flight to Israel and enjoy. But while in N. California, do the world-class things that Northern California offers, which do not include much in the way of kosher food or wine.

      Oxnard's destination kosher restaurant is certainly a worthy goal for a kosher foodie, but it is near Los Angeles.

      1. Napa has Hagafen Cellars with a tasting room with posted hours. If you call ahead you may be able to find out if there will be grape crush that day.
        You can also contact Jeff Morgan at Covenant Wines and he might set up something for you where he makes his wine.
        St.Supery had a self-guided kosher tour at their winery, but I don't know if they still have that.

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          St. Supery no longer produces kosher product.