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Aug 17, 2012 12:14 PM

Good lunch spot near Greensboro Coliseum

I'll be making a quick trip to Greensboro tomorrow and will be visiting the Coliseum - any good lunch spots nearby? Any cuisine and any price point is fine.

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  1. The following are all on High Point road.

    Stamey's. I'm not into pulled bbq so I'd never go, but that gets mentioned a lot.

    Beef burger is an institution, though it may not actually be all good. The variety(spam burger, crab cake sandwich, pork chop sandwich, super burger, the list goes on and on). cash-only.

    My mom(Japanese) likes Akashi for non-sushi Japanese dishes, though it's no knock on their sushi. She just isn't all that into sushi. I think it's alright. This is not a Japanese steakhouse.

    Villa del Mar - mexican restaurant. The regular corn tortilla/tortas kind of place. carnitas, al pastor, etc, etc.

    Saigon bakery - Vietnamese subs
    Saigon - different restaurant, but serves Vietnamese/thai food.

    I love/heart(?) Pho. They serve pho/bun among other dishes.

    I think I listed these in the order of distance from Greensboro Coliseum. Only Beef burger is towards downtown GSO. The rest are towards I-40.

    Personally, I'd go with villa del mar.

    1. I would try Saigon especially for their Vietnamese Bun and clay pot dishes. I would skip their pho. You are only about five minutes from downtown so you may want to try some of those options. You can do everything from BrewPub(Natty Greenes) to pizza(Mellow Mushroom) to Table 16 or Under Current. All of these places have websites or can be found at

      I would choose Saigon Restaurant or pakse for a good asian/ban mi fix or if you don't mind a fifteen minute drive hit up Giacomo's and have one of their italian subs and take home some pastrami, homemade pasta and other deli goodies. One word on Pakse, the location is safe, despite how it looks, but it is a hole in the wall with not much(none really) atmosphere but great banh mi and papaya salad