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Aug 17, 2012 11:51 AM

Miami and Keys Groceries

Hi. I will be traveling to the Florida Keys (Islamorada) from Miami airport. What's the best kosher butcher/grocery store that's either near Miami Airport or not too far out of the way for the drive? We are looking to buy a variety of items, both cooked and uncooked.
Also, are there any specific grocery stores in/near Islamorada that has a good selection of kosher groceries? Thanks.

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  1. The only kosher store in the mainland going south is this:

    Most Publix in Kendall/Pinecrest will have lots of kosher options. The one in Suniland shopping center is right on US 1 and should do the trick.

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      Thanks. If we decide to drive in to Miami another day, which butcher/grocery store would you recommend, regardless of location? I won't mind going out of the way at that point for good quality.

    2. Living in Broward county, I am not familiar with the kosher stock south of miami airport. A brief detour will take you to 41st street in Miami Beach, lined with kosher restaurants and supermarkets. If you want to spend another 30 minutes driving, you can go to Aventura, or to Cooper City. Jacobs and aroma respectively. Both about the same time from MIA, but different routes. The selection of cooked and uncooked choices are phenomenal. They also have a great wine selection, in case you need them.