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Aug 17, 2012 11:10 AM

Sushi and Malaysian downtown?

We will be visiting Vancouver in a couple of weeks and staying on W. Georgia between Thurlow and Burrad Streets and won't have a car.

We would like to go to a sushi restaurant for omakase. I'm a bit confused because here in Los Angeles most of the izakaya restaurants aren't known for their sushi or vice-versa. In Vancouver, it sounds like the izakaya restaurants also excel in sushi or am I mistaken?

In any event, where would you recommend we go for sushi that is walkable from our location? Maybe within a mile? Most of the suggestions I've seen on this board (Octopus Garden or Ajisai) don't seem to be within that distance. If you have a good suggestion that is easy to get to using public transit, we are open to that. Guu looked ineresting but it seems like it speciaizes in izakaya rather than sushi or am I wrong?

We have a lot of cuisines here in Los Angeles but Malay isn't one of them. Is Banana Leaf worth one of our 5 nights in Vancouver? (Other likely selections are Yew and Phonm Penh.)

Finally, I see references to Buck a Shuck which sounds great. Which restaurants or bars have this?

Many thanks.

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  1. I wouldn't go so far as to say the izakaya restaurants here excel at sushi -- they do have it, often more limited selection, and it is generally competent. The Guus (there are several) are definitely izakaya though they all have some raw fish on the menu. I tend not to order such dishes in izakaya as I am there for dishes I can't get at my usual sushi haunts.

    My current favourite for sushi downtown is Miko on Robson, though I've never inquired about omakase there. I just order a whack of stuff off the a la carte menu. Their robata is pretty decent too. Looks like about 12 blocks from your hotel, mostly downhill on the way there.

    Octopus' Garden and Ajisai are not IMO walkable from where you're staying, though OG would be one bus (take the 2 or the 22 south on Burrard). You can also take the 22 the other direction to get to Phnom Penh, though I can't recommend it (inconsistent, overpriced, long lines at peak and even off peak times, communal tables abound).

    Vancouver is weak on Malaysian. I am not a fan of Banana Leaf.

    Oyster Raw Bar has buck a shuck from 3 to 7 per their website but I'd call first It's about three blocks from your hotel. If you're in mood for dessert, a visiting Hound recently discovered a lemony treat there that sounds delightful: could be worth considering if available.