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Aug 17, 2012 10:28 AM

Best Burger Meat Mix Combonation?

I am looking to make a burger with different cuts of meat. What different cuts do you suggest?

For example: Sirloin, rib-eye, bacon, pork, lamb

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  1. You may enjoy this article on blending meats for the best burger from Serious Eats:


    Besides liberal doses of salt and pepper recently I have been adding Aka Miso (red miso) blended with a little water into the ground meat before making patties. It adds a subtle hint of extra umami and salt. The idea came from Tony Maws famous burger at Craigie on Main in Cambridge, MA.

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      Excellent! Thank you i appreciate your ideas

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        Red miso could be a new healthy substitute for pink slime...

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          I can attest to the Blue Label Burger Blend as mentioned in the link above. Here is the direct link to the recipe: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/20....

          The hamburger made from this ground beef is BY FAR the best hamburger I have ever had. It is so beefy it's almost hard to describe. Trust me, you have got to try this blend. Once you do, you will never want for anything more.

        2. Should be only beef; hamburger should not be confused with meatloaf. Stick to chuck, skirt, short rib, sirloin tip (flap meat).

          No seasonings or other ingredients in the meat - again, it's a hamburger, NOT meatloaf (salt *in* a hamburger cooked on a griddle or grill will destroy the proper texture by making it compact). Season the exterior of the meat just before cooking (salt; pepper only if you don't mind flavor of burnt pepper . . . ; perhaps a thin glaze of mustard, which can enhance crust formation; other seasonings should go on after cooking, and should not obscure the flavor of good meat if you are using such a lux combination of beef cuts...)

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            Purists may object, but I like 60/40 beef/turkey. It's not the law.

          2. Equal parts sirloin, chuck and trimmed oxtail.

            If no oxtail, then 2:1 ratio of chuck to sirloin.

            1. I use ground chuck as the main component (2/3 or so). Then 1/3 whatever you prefer. I would never use pork in a hamburger, however.