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Aug 17, 2012 10:01 AM

Open Mondays?

I will be in Las Vegas Monday through Thursday and find myself free on Monday night. Can anyone recommend restaurants that are open on Mondays?

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  1. The restaurants in the hotels on the Strip are open seven days a week. Also, what kind of food are you looking for? How much do you want to spend? Are you looking for restaurants on the Strip, local restaurants or both? Will you have a car? Where are you staying?

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      I apologize for my unbelievable lack of detail. I am staying in the Monte Carlo and did want to eat at Andre’s but it is closed on Mondays. I’ve eaten there before and I like it because it is low key and the food is good.

      I do not have a car and would like someplace within a ten minute walk or taxi ride of the Monte Carlo.

      I would like to spend between $65.00 and $70.00 for 3 courses, if possible, plus wine or beer and tip.

      I am looking for any place that serves outstanding food from a delicatessen or burgers to French or Indian or Greek. I will be at Lotus of Siam and Firefly or Otto the other two nights of my stay.

      A locally owned restaurant would really be great but may be impossible these days.

      Thank you for your help.