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Aug 17, 2012 09:59 AM

Best Dining at Bar / Traveling alone

I will be in town for a conference and would like best suggestions for an upscale, comfortable, fantastic food dining experience that can be done at the bar - not at a table by myself.

Think along the lines of Komi, Vidalia, Charlie Palmer's....just looking for the best experience and best food with a comfortable chair/bartender.


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    1. I love the bar at Bourbon Steak. They have a cocktail list that would make you cry, and if none of their amazing options appeal to you, the incredible bartenders will craft something to order. And the food is my favorite bar food. It's awesome.

      Another option would be Rasika. It's a hard restaurant to get into, but you don't need reservations for the bar.

      1. I like the small sushi bar at Kaz Sushi Bistro.

        Grafiato works well if you can get a seat.


        1. I travel and dine in DC quite a bit. Here's my go-to list, in no particular order:

          Palena (take the metro red line from downtown)
          Blue Duck Tavern

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            I would second Bourbon Steak and Palena and would add Corduroy. I have been to Fiola alone at the bar and struggled with the bar and stools. If I recall, it was tough to get over the bar (or wear a bib).

            1. re: daves_32

              Courderoy. Dino.

              Bar Pillar was too noisy and crowded for "dining at the bar" but the food was heartfelt and very good. We haven't been back since the remodel.

              Cashions although I am not as big a fan of their food as I am of the above three.

              1. re: wineo1957

                I love dining alone at Bar Pillar. But this poster asked for something upscale. Bar Pillar is much more a casual, neighborhood spot.

          2. I just had dinner the other night at Elisir and thought it would be a great place to enjoy an excellent meal at the bar. Really stellar food and competent and friendly bartenders.

            You can also order the full menu (in addition to the bar menu) at Bourbon Steak.

            2 other places to consider (although maybe not as high end as the other two but equally as delicious) are Ris and PS7. I dine at both of those restaurants all the time by myself and always have an excellent experience.