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Aug 17, 2012 09:59 AM

Best pressure cooker and pressure cooker canning book

I have been looking pressure cookers and this one seem pretty good but I thought I ask opinions before I bought it or if someone could recommend another one. I don't expect to buy another one so I want to buy the best one I can. All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner

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  1. The All American is great. At least all the people I know that have one love theirs. I have the 23 qt Presto because I wanted a smaller investment when I moved up to pressure canning. I always thought that if I stayed with it I'd get an All American. But now that I've used the Presto for a few years I really like it and I have come to realize that I can buy 3 Presto's for the price of one All American of similar size and the versatility of having more than one to can things that need different times is very convenient. And having the canners be the same means that I can share parts in an emergency. So I'm not coveting the All American the way I use to.

    The main reason I wanted the All American was due to no gasket since it's metal on metal. I thought hey, it will last forever and nothing to replace. But then I realized the over pressure plug needs replacement. All American recommends it be replaced yearly in their manual. I also worried more about stripping the threads while tightening it down and tightening the clamps evenly. Which is not an issue with the Presto since you just rest the lid on and turn it to lock in place. I was already very comfortable with the security of that lid design due my 20 years using a pressure cooker with it. So I'm happy with the Presto and if I decide to get another canner so I can have 2 going at once I'll get the same Presto again.

    Best book for pressure canning? I'd have to say the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. I have a few canning books and this one is probably the most diverse as far as pressure canning.

    1. Here is a link that may be of some assistance for supplies and such. It is an Amish store and it carries a wide variety of items. Enjoy.

      1. There's no one best pressure cooker. If the main thing you are doing is canning, then this is a good choice. But you wouldn't want to use it for everyday cooking - unless you regularly use 20 qt pots. There are plenty of threads about pressure cookers in the 4-8 qt size. There's even a new one asking about a 2.5qt size.

        1. One of the advantages of the Mirro and the presto pc is that the local hardware carries the parts
          and gaskets for these two brands