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Aug 17, 2012 09:37 AM

Grass fed half steer somewhere around $5.00/lb hanging weight... is it a pipe dream??

Love Tussock Sedge Farm beef, but they're pricey (1/8th = $349 which works out to about 7.93/lb)
the beef at Hendricks is even more per pound
MB Fairview farm is $7.50/lb hanging weight

I found an article from a "mommy" website....

wow! would love that price for grassfed, but I'm a realist

does anyone know of any farm that I can get a half steer for less than $7.50 per pound which includes butchering?


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  1. Remember, there is grass fed and there is grass fed. Plus that is one hell of a lot of ground beef.
    You might want to read Mark Schatzker's book 'Steak, one man's search.............................'

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      there are people who have aversions to bone in roasts and such (I know of one) so they will ask to have those "undesirable" cuts trimmed from the bone and ground
      (crazy, right?)
      I'm hearing contradicting information regarding what the weather has been doing to the price of beef, locally anyway
      I have an acquaintance from another food-centric site who is a farmer, she said if I'm going to restock my freezer, do it as soon as possible, because she thinks that the cost in our area (PA, NJ, MD, DE) will go up from small farms.

      1. re: cgarner

        There is going to be a regional effect. Large farms are definitely dumping cows in the midwest. You would find out if you look at beef prices relative to say soy beans you will see beef trending down, and soybeans spiking.. which means in the long run you are going to see beef go up as cost for feed goes up. Regionally if a farmer is not dumping their herd, they are only going to be reacting to the uptake in feed costs. (And yes I know they may be grass fed.. but overall cost of maintaining cows will be going up.)

    2. I just returned from a trip to see family in central Nebraska. I was in a small town (2200 people) and saw a small butcher shop. I went in and got some great steaks. His price for aged grass feed was $3.00/lb processed and packaged. Given the severe are selling cattle cheap.

      I wish I could have brought a 1/2 cow back with me.

      1. I've just been looking for same. With some long time planning, this farm has good pricing: They sell their non certified organic gf beef for slightly less. Also, this one in NJ:

        1. Thanks mcf

          I also got an e-mail response with a price list from breakway farms

          they are coming in at under $5/lb with butchering for a half beef
          decisions, decisions...
          now to set about clearing the chest freezer

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          1. re: cgarner

            Have you bought this before? Or from them? I haven't yet, and I want to make sure I get beef that's been hanging and dry aging for at least a couple of weeks. I'd rather pay more pre lb than have it hung less time, I've concluded.

            1. re: mcf

              I have not and I'm still in the looking around phase
              They have a facebook page, if you want to check out the comments (which I can't do here from work)

              1. re: cgarner

                thanks, will do. I got the most awful ribeye through Heritage Foods (they cheerfully refunded) from White Oak Pastures... most of the weight must have been the abundance of blood that poured out of the package... not hung or dry aged at all, I'd bet, and it was tough as nails and tasteless. Want to make sure I get some dry aging and am not paying for bodily fluids that shouldn't be there.

          2. The original comment has been removed