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Aug 17, 2012 09:33 AM

Must try places, 3 dinners and 1 lunch?

Hi there, in a couple weeks I will be out on the west coast for business and wanted to see if there are any new or cornerstone places for dinner./lunch to try. Looking for flavor forward food, not touristy and not overly complicated service or setting(thinking like Perla or Marc Forgione here in NYC). Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

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  1. A warning: Reservations in SF have become like NY if not worse. Tables at good times fill up quickly so would reserve early. Though if you are eating by yourself, many of these places do have first come first serve counter/bar seating - so call ahead.

    Restaurants like Perla or Marc Forgione is what SF does, so you have plenty of options. The cal-italian restaurant scene is very vibrant right now:
    Cotogna, Flour + Water, Locanda, Incanto...Zero Zero for a little more casual.

    Bar Tartine is turning out interesting Hungarian inspired food.

    AQ does great Californian/local food and cocktails.

    If you are into a great beer list try Abbot's Cellar if you are into a diverse wine list try St. Vincent's.

    For comforting California cuisine try Canteen

    For seafood centric/raw bar try Bar Crudo

    AQ does great Californian cocktails and food.

    A few new places, that I'm not too familiar with but should be worth a try:
    A new restaurant called "Plaj" is doing Scandinavian. Namu Gaji for interesting Korean.

    For an intersting concept place (dim sum style service of non dim sum cuisine): try State Bird Provisions

    1. Most interesting newish places to me are AQ, Bar Tartine, and St. Vincent.