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Aug 17, 2012 09:28 AM

Looking for North African restaurants in Paris?

I was wondering if anyone knew any North African restaurants they'd recommend in Paris (Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, etc.). I'd expect there to be some, but wondered if anyone had any they thought were particularly good.


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  1. What perido? You mean now?

    1. Chez Omar in the upper Marais

      1. Atlas in the 5th is my gold standard. It's appropriately across from the Monde Arab and thus perfect for a museum-meal combo in the Muslim/African vein.

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            Thanks! We ended up at Atlas. I had a tasty tagine that involved mango in an advantageous way. (Sorry for slow responses--I don't keep up with Chowhounds as well as I should.) Delicious!

            Thanks to the rest of you for your suggestions as well--that gives me a bunch more things to try as well!

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              Thanks for reporting back. I am always grateful.

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                About 2 weeks ago we enjoyed a Moroccan restaurant, Mansouria, in the 11th. The hostess was very knowledgeable and helpful. we shared a platter of appetizers called Kémia de Briwattes followed by Couscous Madfoun...chicken, golden raisins, almonds, onions and cinnamon for Mme Laidback and a dish called La Marousia for me; long simmered lamb shank in honey, golden raisins, almonds and a mixture of some 27 spices called Ras el Hanout which the hostess said is an old family recipe.

                The couscous was fine and fluffy. I am about as conversant with Moroccan cuisine as I am with ancient Sanskrit, but we were both pleased and would return.

          2. le Figaro did a best couscous survey a few years ago... ... couscous is, by the way, wildly popular in France and, I seem to remember , #2 in a recent list of favourite dishes when eating out ... personally, i think couscous is one of the least interesting of the North African specialties and much prefer tajines, bastillas, and méchoui/ grills.

            for the fun factor and/or trendy/ hip clientele, le 404 on the rue Gravalliers/ 3rd or Chez Omar on the rue Bretagne/ 3rd ... a little newer and a hit with the Le Fooding folks, Chez Mamane on the rue Cinq Diamants in the Butte aux Cailles quartier/ 13th

            for an emphasis on meat/ grillade/ méchoui: l'Alcôve on the rue Duphot in the 14th and Les Trois Frères on the rue Léon in the 18th.

            for evocative decor and relatively good nosh, l'Atlantide on the rue Laumière in the 19th or Le Sirocco (love the fruit de mer bastilla!) on the rue Gobelins/ 13th or Au P'tit Cahoua (especially for tajines) on the boulevard Saint Marcel/ 13th

            for a sample of Tunisia, le Comptoir de la Tunisie on the rue Richelieu near the Palais Royal in the 1st... but very small (just 3 or so tables) and a short menu limited to a plat du jour, a couple of "briks" and a few desserts... lovely French-Tunisian owner... lunch or snacks only when you happen to be in the area.

            ok, not North African, but the cuisine of the Levant is yummy... Liza on the rue de la Banque in the 2nd for an upmarket sample and Daily Syrien on the rue Faubourg St Denis in the 10th for some takeaway or sit-down street food (including falafel) ... and the nougat, among other things, from Les Petites Merveillles de Damas on the rue Monge in the 5th is to die-for