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Aug 17, 2012 09:12 AM

Duluth/North Shore

Did a a search and I'm amazed there isn't a thread on this. I'm heading up next week and am wondering if there is anything new. I plan on hitting the regulars....Northern Smokehaus in Duluth for charcuterie and smoked fish, Fitgers for Beer, Rustic Inn in two harbors for Dinner, Angry Trout in Grand Marais for lunch.

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  1. Go to the Great Lakes Board.....

    1. I would skip Fitgers and head up the shore to Castle Danger Brewing, or try some of the new Brewpubs in Duluth. CD samples 4-7 Friday and Sat. Otherwise you can get their Beers at other locations by the pint. Scenic Cafe was great. Angry Trout was wonderful. Have fun....